4 ways to walk in His blessing, even when life stinks like a rotten egg…


You drench its furrows and level its ridges; you soften it with showers and bless its crops. You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.  The grasslands of the desert overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness. The meadows are covered with flocks and the valleys are mantled with grain; they shout for joy and sing. Psalm 65:10-13 NIV

Sometimes we get to this point in the year and think well, this has been rotten, what’s up with that?

Girl, I have been there. This has been a tough year for me to. But as of late, God challenged my thinking. Some parts of this year have been incredibly difficult, but other parts have been amazing. The truth is, I could not walk in the blessings He has given me unless I first experienced the realities of hardship. The hardship I faced laid the groundwork for growth. And the growth is overflowing, abounding, amazing, and totally worth it.

I want to share some truth with you from Psalm 65. Truth God is teaching me about how to walk in His favor and blessing, even when hardship comes and we feel empty, abandoned, and dried out. Truth that will help you survive reality.

Truth # 1 – God levels us out and blesses our blessing – “You drench its furrows and level its ridges; you soften it with showers and bless its crops.” Psalm 65:10

I can’t tell you how many times I am walking through hardship and rob myself of a blessing because I feel not good enough. We do that don’t we? When we are going through tough times we decide we are unusable. As if this difficult circumstance has suddenly captured our capability to be a blessing. God calls us to step out in faith and because of fear we hold back, procrastinate, and at times even refuse to act.

Psalm 65:10 tells us God drenches the furrows and levels the ridges. In the places we are low, He waters us. Our high places are leveled out. He forms us into an even, solid, functional field. Then He blesses. Just because you are experiencing hardship doesn’t mean you can’t walk in the fullness of His promises. He has made you a blessing and He levels our life in such a way that no matter what is going on – if we seek Him and do His will – even when we are afraid – there will be a harvest.

Truth # 2 – He puts a crown of bounty on our heads and fills our push cart with abundance – “You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.” Psalm 65:11

This is the year of the Lord’s favor on your life. Next year will be the year of the Lord’s favor on your life, and the next, and the next, and the next, and so on. Why? Because God pours out His favor in different ways at different times, but He never stops. He crowns each and every year in bounty. He gives us a push cart filled with fruits of the Spirit and He doesn’t do a shoddy job filling it up. He fills to overflowing abundance.

You have the Lord’s favor on your head. You are filled with the abundance of the Holy Spirit. You walk on a level field fully prepared with everything you need.

Truth #3 – He makes the desert so sweet – “The grasslands of the desert overflow” Psalm 65:12a

My elementary school teacher taught me a lesson I will never forget. You spell desert with one s and dessert with two s’s. How do you remember that? Because 2 s’s stand for so sweet! God can do amazing things with the deserts in our life. He can insert another s and turn our desert places into desserts – they are so sweet.

Often when we hit a desert we wonder where we went wrong, as if we made an incorrect turn and need to do a course correction. But here’s the thing – sometimes God leads us into the desert on purpose. He leads us there to help us hone our skills and increase our dependence on Him. Just because you are walking through the desert doesn’t mean the Lord has taken His hand of favor off of you. You are still filled with abundance and blessing, He is just giving you an opportunity to use it. In these places you will discover how faithful He is to provide.

Truth #4 – He clothes your hills in gladness – “the hills are clothed with gladness.” Psalm 65:12b

Have you ever left the desert only to find yourself facing gigantic hills? Already exhausted only to face a mountain? What now Lord? Can you make my life any worse? These are the things we usually think and ask. But I want to challenge you. When you leave a desert to face a hill, imagine it clothed in gladness. It’s like a big hill with a gigantic oversized Christian t-shirt on – the word gladness plastered all over it.

Truth is, the hills in our lives are often just ways God stretches our legs. He’s giving us a great workout. Again, we have everything we need in our cart of abundance. We can climb these hills, climb them successfully, and with gladness. We have the option to climb them grumbling, or even grovel at the bottom and complain, but if we want – we can experience gladness and hop over the hills still overflowing with bounty.

So there you have it, four truths that help us walk in His blessing. You say this year has been a tough one? So far, it seems God hasn’t given you much to work with? I challenge you today to alter you thinking. Not because life has been fair to you, because reality is, life may have been very very unfair to you. I am not asking you to invalidate the fullness of your pain. It’s the real deal. What I am saying is that sitting in pain rarely does us any favors. Neither does ignoring it. So we must choose to acknowledge this rough year for what it is – accept it – and then decide to get off of our bums – realize the blessings God can and is offering us – and walk in the fullness of it.

This year is what it is…and it’s not a bummer year – it’s the year of His favor and blessings. If we don’t like the place we are going with it, maybe it’s time to alter our course. If we can’t physically, we certainly can mentally. Maybe it’s time to rediscover where we are going.


no one holds her captive because God has set her free…



Families are full of people. Imperfect people. And because they are full of imperfect people, from time to time there will be drama. Some drama more deep rooted and consequential than other drama. Some drama that can be laughed off. Other drama that cuts deep like a knife. In our families we experience pain, people get hurt, ties become strained, things are often said in the heat of the moment, and there will be deep and profound disagreements that may never be resolved. Perhaps the most difficult thing about drama within a family is that you cannot just ignore it and walk away. You must deal with it, day in and day out. Thus at some point, if we are to move forward, there may be a need for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an interesting concept.  In my opinion, it’s a very Holy concept. When we think about the forgiveness Christ offers, we often think about it from the perspective of the recipient. It’s an amazing gift to receive. But what if we stop to think about it from a different angle? What if we choose to think about why God would offer us this gift? Because here is the thing…He offered it knowing some of us would never change – never acknowledge our wrongs – completely reject Him and His offer of salvation – and yet He offered it anyways. It’s offered to everyone.

Why? Because of love. Without forgiveness, He is not free to love us, and love is who He is. He set Himself free to love us by offering us this unconditional gift.

What if we were to do the same?

What if we choose to offer forgiveness to others long before they say they are sorry or realize what they did was wrong? Because reality is, they may never give an apology. They may never change. They may never see things from the perspective you want them to.

But does your ability to be set free – your ability to love – your ability to forgive – hinge upon another person? It doesn’t have to. You are free to forgive – Christ will empower you to forgive – even if the other person never ever understands how they hurt you.

Why would you do this? Not necessarily for freedom to love the one who hurt you, but for freedom from anger and bitterness so that you can love others. A heart wrapped up in anger and unforgiveness is rarely ever free to connect with anyone. We end up damaging relationships that had nothing to do with the hurt we experienced simply because we are so wrapped up in hurt, pain, and bitterness that we render ourselves unable to truly love and emotionally attach.

Forgiveness does not mean what a person did was okay. It does not mean they didn’t hurt you. They did. And what they did was not okay. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you can’t set up boundaries. In fact, especially within families, you will have to set up boundaries to make sure the hurt isn’t deepened or repeated.

Forgiveness sets you free to live your life in a way meaningful to you. No one’s choices, behavior, or decisions – no matter how bad or destructive – have the power to bind you. Just as Galatians 5:1 says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Unforgiveness is a heavy load. Make the decision today, and every day, to love yourself enough to forgive – and pursue God for the rest.

she decided to be loved…and it changed who she was and how she processed…



instaquote-11-06-2015-07-30-44We see what we look for. It’s true. And there’s even biology behind it. There’s a thing in our brain called the reticular activating system and it acts like a gatekeeper for our minds. It lets in the things that already match up with our beliefs, and holds the rest back. Why? Because we can only deal with so much incoming information at a time.

It’s like our filter, and it’s very important. But can you see how this could become problematic? What if our beliefs are dysfunctional? Our brain lets in information that supports our beliefs, no matter how dysfunctional they may be.

I find many of us who are depressed and anxious see God as a big meanie waiting for us to sin so He can drop the hammer – and our brains look for evidence accordingly.

Well, I told a lie today, so the fact that my dog got loose tonight is just God paying me back for bad behavior.

When in fact this might not be true at all. Maybe your dog got loose because it was windy and the fence wasn’t latched well. God had nothing to do with it, but if we are looking for him to punish us, we may see it that way.

The kind of pressure this creates for an individual is unbelievable. It robs us of the joy of actually enjoying a relationship with a God. He sent His one and only Son to die so we might be redeemed, but thoughts like this keep us stuck in a pattern of performance based salvation. We may say we don’t believe you can earn your way to heaven, but our thoughts refuse to acknowledge it was finished on the cross.

His sacrifice took on full punishment for our sins. His death and resurrection were indeed enough.

So how do we stop seeing God this way? How do we reset our reticular activating system to seek out and look for new information…true information?

It can be done, but it takes time and effort.

First of all, you must decide what you believe. The best way to do this is go to scripture. Look at what the Bible says about salvation. It’s the goodness and love of God that matters. He has provided the grace and mercy you need to be forgiven, and once you are forgiven, you are set free. You don’t have to focus on your sin. You can choose to focus on His love, but you have to accept the fullness of His sacrifice as your belief. You must choose to see yourself as redeemed.

Second, try some guided imagery or visualization. Take slow deep breaths, close your eyes, and imagine seeing yourself as God sees you – completely forgiven, redeemed, and a new creation in Him. Imagine Him telling you how much He loves you and all the wonderful things He wants for you.

Third, act like you are set free from sin even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t let guilt or shame hold you back. He knows you are going to sin. He knows you are going to mess up. But He provided freedom so that even when you sin, you can repent, realize you are forgiven, and immediately move into the wholeness of His presence. There is no waiting period between your sin and redemption. You are forgiven. You were forgiven the moment you accepted Him as your Savior. You can walk in His presence right here…right now. You don’t have to wait until you get your crap together.

Think and walk as the redeemed and you will begin to look for evidence of God’s goodness.

You are set free. Sometimes it just takes time for our brains to catch up to Biblical truth. With time and intentionality we can begin to see ourselves as He sees us.

she chose to see His best, even when it came packaged in her worst…

instaquote-19-06-2015-21-29-40Some people crave more depth in their lives. I need more depth about like I need a hole in my head. I go emotional deep sea diving on a daily basis. Being a somewhat introvert, and for sure an internal processor, I have all the space I need to analyze and reanalyze every thought, feeling, and emotion I can get my hands on.

And that’s why God gave me Ryan.

My son is his own duck. He’s not really autistic and not necessarily intellectually disabled – although tests have labeled him both. We aren’t sure exactly what is going on with him, but we do know he does life his own way. At times this means yelling ride ’em cowboy while standing on top of your kickboard during Special Olympics swimming, other times it’s playing saxophone music until midnight. There are things he does that are very very normal, and other things we just can’t figure out.

But all in all, he is amazing. I fall in love with the true innocence of who he is, and the way he sees life, more and more every day. And I need him. I very much need him.

He doesn’t hold on to the past, partly because his short term memory stinks, but minus that, he has a personality that lets things go. He doesn’t overthink life. He acts impulsively…which gets him in trouble sometimes…but there are days I wish I could be more like him. Saying what I want to say and doing what I want to do – not over thinking. I need him because his view of reality balances me.

God gave both of us exactly what we need. He always does. 

Were there times in my life I couldn’t see it? Couldn’t understand the reasons why Ryan struggles? Yes. There are still these times…every day these times…but I’m coming to realize that trials just like this are the ways God gives us stuff.

Patience, perspective, grace, empathy, joy, endurance, wisdom, understanding. He’s always giving us stuff. 

Stuff that is rarely packed in a box with a big red bow. His gifts often come rolling in on the most humble and even destructive looking vehicles. But if we look for them, they are there. Packaged in ways only He could orchestrate and understand. Priceless stuff. Stuff we would never choose for ourselves, but stuff He knows we need.

It’s a beautiful exchange. Imperfect perfection.

I wonder what He is giving you? It might be packaged in a very unlikely way, but if you look around, you’ll find your stuff.


when you need help getting undone…and a P31 Online Bible Study…

51JtuHoT8IL._SY400_So I jumped on the trend bandwagon and bought a jumpsuit. I think it’s an old lady appropriate one – no hugging of curves because no one wants to see that – but a cute, classy, dressy jumpsuit.

Feeling rather swanky, I drank my morning coffee and went about the first part of my day self assured, and then it happened…the realization that when one needs to use the bathroom wearing a jumpsuit…you must afford yourself time for planning.

Number one, it requires you completely disrobe! I don’t know why I didn’t think about that! The button is at the top and it all has to go down! Fine if you are at home, but a little unnerving in a public bathroom.

And then there is the whole complication of actually being able to twist your arms around you in an appropriate manner to release the button quickly enough to land you on the toilet within the proper amount of time.

What middle aged woman thought this was a good idea? Clearly I did, but I didn’t think it through. I learned a very important lesson that day: one should always have a friend around who is willing to help you get undone (especially if you are going to wear a jumpsuit).

I have a few of those kinds of friends, but I haven’t always. Not that people weren’t around me. They were. But there was a time I refused to engage fully in relationships. People knew who I was on the outside, but I was dying on the inside. My heart was broken into a thousand pieces, but I was too ashamed to let anyone see.

I wonder if that’s you? I wonder if your heart is hurting? You desperately need assistance to get out of the bondage you feel stuck in but you just can’t seem to break free…I’ve been there. And if I could tell you one thing it would be that you don’t have to be alone.

There is a Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study coming up. It’s using a book by Suzie Eller called The Mended Heart. The study is free, but you do have to purchase the book. And here’s the thing…

This is an online Bible study. Online. The people you are going to meet aren’t going to be able to help you in the event of a desperate jumper/bathroom situation – but if you have been doing life alone or even just doing life behind a mask – this might be a good place to test out a little vulnerability.

Take a chance and connect with this online community. Try it. Let it be a jumping off point where you find some healing from past hurt so that you can choose to connect with others in the future on a more personal level. Give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose. You can click the link above to sign up and the study comes straight to your email. It’s that easy.

Coming undone, allowing yourself space to heal, and even giving yourself permission to be vulnerable is hard. But this is an amazing opportunity to take a chance, connect with others, and let go of baggage that has been dragging you down. I hope you will decide to join because we all need a safe space and a few friends to help us safely come undone.




If you really let old thought patterns die…


Old thought patterns die hard. If you think they aren’t going to put up a fight, you’re wrong. The biology of a thought pattern alone is difficult to alter, but when you add in the spiritual element, it’s a wonder any of us change the way we think.

But sweet friend, if you are a new creation in Christ, your old self is dead. Maybe you need more time to mourn for her. Maybe you don’t. Maybe like me, your prayer life takes on a fear element that’s completely unnecessary, and it’s just time to let go of that piece of you that still feels ashamed.

The beautiful thing is that God is not double minded. He does not see our sin, but rather sees us redeemed and made beautiful in His son. Yet at times we stand by the grave of depravity, afraid to throw that last shovel of dirt over the top and walk away.

I wonder what it would look like if we stopped grieving and mourning who we used to be and truly began to view ourselves as made new in Him…

Would the guilty, shameful, need to control thought patterns we struggle with fall by the wayside much quicker?

Would our brain struggle to keep up with the supernatural transformation that is taking place?

Would a true metamorphosis of the heart and mind manifest so quickly we might barely recognize ourselves?

Would we finally walk in the freedom we so desperately long to grab hold of?

The old thought patters, the things you were told as a child, the self-hate…if you let go of these things, what would happen?

It wouldn’t be an easy process, but with Jesus by your side I wonder what your life might look like…

Because old thought patterns are not necessary where you are going. In fact, they might block the path God has for you.

Could it be time for them to die?

Could we take off the grave clothes and walk away under the freedom Christ has given us?

My friend…you are a new creation. It’s time to step into the fullness of how He sees you. Be transformed truly and completely by the renewing of your mind. This is what He has for you. Don’t settle for anything less.

You have been redeemed.

You are set free.

How does God see you…



How do you think God sees you? When you enter His presence in prayer, how do see yourself? Are you a beggar or are you fully wrapped in His redemption gift? Are you His beautiful daughter or do you wiggle about uncomfortably dressed in shame?

See…I didn’t even realize I was doing it. My prayer life has always felt lacking. I’ve never been able to fully engage, but rather prayed and tried to enter His presence because I knew it was the right thing to do. I have taken and tried different postures: sitting, standing, on my knees on the floor, on my knees beside my bed, laying down on my bed – yet nothing really helped. My prayer life was active, but never very fulfilling.

As I began listening to some guided Biblical meditation by Graham Cooke, God showed me something. He does not see me how I present myself.

When I pray I have always visualized myself as kind of ducking down, scared, afraid, just hoping He doesn’t smite me or whack me with a gigantic I am God womping stick. I ask for forgiveness in fear, I praise Him in fear, I tell Him what I need in fear, and then I shrink away out of His presence in fear. It’s no wonder I am left feeling unfulfilled and dumpy.

But the moment God showed me how He sees me, and I translated that into how I approach the throne of grace, it’s like I came alive. His presence washing over me, my body-heart-mind-and soul felt completely released from sin, and I was finally free to just enjoy God for who He is.

And perhaps the greatest gift of seeing myself the way God sees me is that it translates far beyond my prayer time. I can choose to walk in it every single day, in every circumstance, even when life seems like it’s crumbling around me – I stand love protected and redeemed.

So today I challenge you to really explore how you see yourself when you are in the presence of God. Are you wearing your redemption dress of favor and fullness or are you still cowering in the corner dressed in fear and shame? Ask God to show you how He sees you. Internalize this image. Carry it with you everywhere you go. This is not only how you walk about during prayer time, it can be how you move through life. You do not walk in weakness. You walk in the fullness of Christ.


a position of strength…


There are people of strength and then there are positions of strength. There is mental strength, physical strength, emotional strength, political strength, spiritual strength and countless other strengths. But one thing I have noticed is that a person’s innate strength is rarely fully manifested unless they are, or view themselves as being, in a position of strength. Like a slave and a master. The slave may be stronger, but the master is in a position of strength, thus the slaves abilities are always subject to his masters demands. 

Because I was raped at 15, and numerous other factors, I have spent years viewing myself in a position of weakness. God gave me strength – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – to engage myself in the process of healing, and this strength has brought me far. But here I have stayed afraid to move to the next level: existing in and exercising a position of strength.

A position of strength does not rise out of ability. It does not rise out of a fight that ends in conquering every obstacle we could ever possibly face. It does not exist singlehandedly in times of peace, prosperity, and promise. A position of strength comes from a choice. The choice to stop trudging slowly through the mud trying to make our own way and rather surrounding and allowing the Lord to pull us above those things in an everlasting victory.

A victory that lies not in change of circumstances. Victory that exists in the present. In the ability to rely on and trust God’s goodness.

He cradles us and holds us up with strings from the heavenlies. We are held far above the sludge beneath us. Our life may be in shambles and yet we are victorious in His love and rightouness.

There is no battle we cannot win. We have the high ground. Even in weakness, we are in a position of strength – His strength. It exists alone even when our own is nonexistent. We have nothing to fear because there is no pit He cannot pull us out of. We are never beneath our lives. We exist above. In joy, peace, strength, and rest. These things are our home. This is where we live.

Isaiah 30:15 says, “This is what the Almighty LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: You can be saved by returning to me. You can have rest. You can be strong by being quiet and by trusting me. But you don’t want that.”

Let us not be people who refuse the position of strength God offers. He fights for us when we allow Him to give us the higher ground, the higher way, His way. We can have peace if we choose to still ourselves, rest in, and trust Him. This very thing IS often the victory we are looking for. Circumstances may remain, the battle can rage on, but we are infused with His holy gift of peace. Our ever present, already won, victory.

Lane changes and exits…

instaquote-05-06-2015-16-31-35Changing lanes, especially on the highway, freaks me out. I don’t like to do it. Even after checking over and over there is always the chance a car will be in your blind spot and you might not be safe. But to get to where we need to go, to make necessary exits, it’s often necessary to change lanes.

Sometimes this fear of lane changes creeps over into my thought life. I want to get to the exit of a peaceful life, but I refuse to change from the lane of worry to the lane of being still that might actually get me there. There is no way I can access the peace exit from the worry lane, but I just can’t get the courage to move over. What if and should have crowd my blind spot.

Or what about freedom? That seems like a great exit to take. But the mental lane change from bitterness to forgiveness just seems too difficult, thus we miss the freedom exit over and over again.

And just like in our cars, we have the option to continue travel in the same lane. Some might argue this is safer.

Just stay on the path you began“, they say.

Problem is, the path goes nowhere productive. It will never get us where we need to go.

Perhaps instead of never changing lanes at all, maybe we could learn a few skills to make changing lanes safer, like these:

1. Allow yourself plenty of time between the lane change and your exit. Ease slowly into new ways of thinking or coping, realizing the place you want to exit may be far ahead, but that you are traveling in the lane that will get you there.

2. Turn down the distractions. It’s weird I know, but when I have to change lanes I always turn the music down, as if somehow the silence will help me see better. I realize it doesn’t, but for whatever reason, having the music turned off helps me focus. When we are shifting ways of thinking, we may need to take more time for distraction free self care and reflection. Changing lanes is hard, and at times we need to focus our energy to make it possible.

3. Take calculated risks. Every car has blind spots and there is always potential to miss something dangerous and have an accident. However, knowing where our blind spots are and being mindful of surrounding situations helps us change lanes with minimal and calculated risks. When we shift our way of thinking there is a chance we might have an accident. We might bump into others along the way and they might not always like this new approach we are taking at life. Situations might pop up that aren’t conducive to the changes we are trying to make. However, we must be willing to take a certain amount of risk to get to the place where we know our heart and mind needs to go, even if there is a small potential for a less than perfect outcome.

4. Trust that Gods got you covered. My husband can attest to the fact that I am not the world’s best driver. There have been multiple times I changed lanes in a way that could have caused an accident, but didn’t. Why? Because God is watching out for me. When trying to get to an exit God has planned for us, such as living in peace and freedom, we must trust He has us covered. That even if we make mistakes trying to get from point A to point B, He will keep us safe along the journey and provide us with the protection and safety we need to make the transition. He’s got us covered.

Ephesians 4:24 tells us, “Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy.”

God has called us to a new nature. He is constantly leading us to new exits which may require lane change after change after change after change in the areas of attitudes, actions, thoughts, and feelings. We must not be held captive by fear that keeps us from getting where He has for us to go. Rather let us be transformed by His renewal of our minds constantly exiting in ways that lead us closer and closer to Him.

Lip hair, missed church, and what makes up a good mom…


Have you ever shaved your upper lip hair? I tried it Friday because I ran out of time to get it waxed…I didn’t have time to pluck. The razor seemed the obvious solution. I hadn’t tried it in a while but I figured as long as I chose a new blade, what could be the harm?

I shaved it on Friday, and by Sunday there they were. Tiny little pimples. Irritated, I tried to slather on enough concealer to cover them up before heading to church, all the while yelling at my kids to get their lazy bums out of bed!

I emerged to find my son all dressed and ready to go and my daughter still frantically trying to select the perfect outfit. The rest of the family went to the car to wait for her and then it happened…the big fat before church breakdown. There was no way she was going to get dressed in anything. Even if I brought the entire Justice store home and laid it out in her bedroom – she would not be having any part of any outfit today! It was not going to happen.

So I quickly grasped a tank top and a pair of soft pants, picked up her 10 year old self, and carried her to the car. Off to church we went. Only to find ourselves unable to exit the car. As I helped her exit the car and get inside, we faced the next obstacle, going into class. We battled and battled – coerced and bribed – but alas we lost and had to go back home. Score one big fat point for anxiety.

Some people might not get our family, and that’s okay. Parenting one child with intellectual and learning disabilities and another with anxiety is no easy task. I don’t share about it often, but I am going to today. Because there is some other mom out there who shaved her mustache hair only to find pimples then slathered herself with concealer in hopes to make it to church on time only to find out that best laid plans don’t always work out. Sometimes church, or wherever life is taking you that day, just isn’t going to happen. And when the crap literally hits the fan, it’s just good to know you might not be alone. When it all comes down to it…that your not a bad mom. Your not a perfect mom, but your not a bad mom.

It’s easy to think your a bad mom when your kids have struggles. A good mom could fix those things right? A good mom has kids that dress in Ralph Lauren and arrive at church smiling and telling their little friends about Jesus. Girl, I have to tell you, I had to change my view about what makes a good mom. A good mom never gives up.

She tries to get her kids to church because she wants them to know Jesus even if it means she might arrive only to turn around and go straight home. A good mom might not get brownies to the school party because the night before she had to practice coping skills to help her child get through the next day. A good mom might not get the flashcards run though because of the turmoil her child is facing due to being made fun of for being “retarded” on the bus. These are the things that make up a good mom. No a perfect mom. But a good mom.

You my sister, are a good mom. You might not make great dinners. You might miss a school party. You might not have your kids involved in every sport known to man. You might not be able to make class bowling night…and that is okay.

You have flaws and so do your kids! And that is okay! Because God made us all the way He made us for a reason and a purpose. We do the best we can with what we have and we never ever give up. We are good moms raising good children under the authority of a good God. He knows exactly what we need and He made concealer for the times when we even mess up our lip hair. He is a good God. You are a good mom. And your kids are good kids.