3 tips to developing the purpose in the pain…


Then David dwelt in the stronghold; therefore they called it the City of David. 1 Chronicles 11:7

We all experience strongholds. Places in our lives that seem fortified castles of brokenness. Portions of the past that keep us tied onto pain with strings of shame and self-doubt. So how do we move past these places?

You’ve likely heard that God has purpose in your pain. That God can and will use your past to bring about His glory and freedom not only in your life, but the lives of others. But you just can’t seem to get out of the rut you have been living in. How do you get to that place of finding purpose in your pain?

The story of David in 1 Chronicles provides us with a few tips on how to build a castle in the middle of a hostile land. To thrive in a place that was once unavailable for habitation. Tips that stand the test of time and can teach us how to dwell successfully and at peace amidst our own hostile past circumstances.

1. 1 Chronicles Chapter 11 begins with David being anointed as King over Israel. This might seem all wonderful; being anointed King, but the process in David’s mind would require accepting the appointment. That he would mentally push past any self-doubt that would keep him from taking the position God gave him.

To pursue God’s redemption of our past, we must accept His sovereign appointment to the level that pushes past our uncertainty.

2. After David was anointed King, He went to inhabit His land in Jerusalem. However, naysayers were in the way. They told him he could not come in. That he was not allowed. But David knew better. God had blessed him with an appointment as king and now it was time to take his land. So David enlisted to help of his friends and took back his ground.

To pursue God’s redemption of our past, we must not back down. There will be people who put down, and even put down your faith. There will be others that tell you God cannot use your story. You may tell yourself that God can’t use you, that you are un-gifted and that your appointment for such a time and place as this is an accident. But this is not true! Enlist the help of your friends. Find Christian partners in prayer and ministry that will lift you up. That will help you find the ways and avenues God can and will use you to spread the message of redemption He has so faithfully entrusted to you. Go with the Godly, go with Scripture, go with Jesus and take back your land.

3. In 1 Chronicles 11:7 it says that David dwelt in his stronghold. This is one of my favorite passages in scripture. To think of building a fortress, a castle to the glory of the Lord right in the middle of the pain of my past makes me giddy! Not only does the Lord appoint us, help us take back our ground, but He also allows us to dwell amidst what used to be a place of pain and hostility, and allows us to dwell there knowing all has been redeemed and made new. He helps us build up a new stronghold in Him so that all may share in and view His amazing redemption and glory.

To pursue God’s redemption of our past, we build strongholds to Him in the lands of past strongholds of pain.

I Chronicles 11:9 goes on to say, “So David went on and became great, and the Lord of hosts was with him.”

Oh sister, this is my prayer for each of us. That we might pursue and follow in the steps of David. That we might build up new strongholds to the Lord in the place of ruins and that it might be said that the Lord of hosts was with us through the entire process.



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    Stephanie, having walked a hard road that led me to a place of ruins, I commend you for sharing such wise words of wisdom with us. Thank you for giving us biblical guidelines from the life of a man after God’s own heart. I pray many women will begin TODAY to take steps of freedom and redemption!!

    Love you,


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    I love this… I NEED this!! Strongholds have been a part of my life, controlling my life, LIVING my life FOR me, for FAR too long. I didn’t know it was possible to RE-build NEW strongholds TO the Lord!! I’ve always thought of and felt as if strongholds were a bad thing, a terrible, terrible thing in my life and heart!! Thanks for showing me differently, and giving me HOPE!!! Praying for THIS over my life now!!!

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