a peace vitamin for tough days…



I’ve seen it over and over. In the moment we feel lost, hopeless, alone, and abandoned, His presence swallows us up like a lion and keeps us safe. It’s with His strength we are able to carry on.

I love what The Message version of Matthew 5:3 says, “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.”

It’s in these moments the story catcher reaches out and says this could go one of two ways…

We can lean into God and accept His sovereignty…or swell and meld with our depravity. Both the former and the latter may equal the same circumstantial outcome, but the difference is our state of heart and mind. One choice breeds peace while the other brews discontent.

What keeps us from choosing the former? For me, it usually boils down to pride. I want to fix this thing on my own, fight my own battle, and only when I pile into a heap of exhaustion do I cry out with urgency for Him to fix me.

So if I could sum my thoughts up and hand them to you like a multivitamin, this is what I would say. When you hit the end of your rope, let go. Because in the free-fall is where you find Him. He will take all of this, whatever your this is, curl His fingers around it and release peace. Not fleeting peace that you seek yourself, but sovereign redemption peace that permeates even the deepest dark places.

Less of you…more of Him…let this be your very life breath for even the most trying and painful of days…


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