All of me cannot contain all that is Him…

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

It’s difficult for me to accept. But it’s there. In front of me. Ripe for the taking. This delight in the Lord.

It’s mine to have. Available. Just pick it up and take it from Him. No need to feel guilty because He has more. There is more and more delight in Him. More than I could ever possibly take or understand. It’s there. Ready.

Unlike things I might take from others, there is no payment needed.

I’m not one who easily accepts gifts. Not because I don’t like them, but because I feel unworthy. If I take this from them, how will I ever repay? It’s wrong unless I can give it back ten-fold. But not with Jesus. A gift ripe for the taking but one that will never be repaid.

How do I quite take possession of that? What does it really look like to hold the fullness of my salvation, of His resurrection, completely in my hands. How can I even begin to accept a gift of this magnitude?

And the desires of my heart. I have wanted so many things. Throughout the years there have been boys, and affections, things that have vied for my time and respect. Things that demand my energy. Yet they pale in comparison to this mercy He gives. The gift that literally never stops giving.

All of Him is fully available to all of me.

Fully available, overabundant love and blessing on my life…right here, right now.

I take His delight. He gives me more. The desires of my heart…Lord let me not cease to linger with you. This is my hearts desire.

I pick up delight, you pick up where my humanity fails. You are what makes me alive.


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