Altars of thanks…


The Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built an altar there to the Lord, who had appeared to him. Genesis 12:7

Building an altar to the Lord. A purposeful declaration of thanks. Not only an inward confession of His grace, but an outward sign that it exists.

What I love about Abram is that at this point he really had no hope of children. He was old. His wife was old and barren. Yet when the Lord spoke these words to him, he didn’t argue. He didn’t remind the Lord of how impossible the situation seemed. He built an alter of thanks to the Lord who had appeared to him.

As time passes by, I can be quick to dismiss the promises of the Lord. Anxious for them to happen immediately, it is easier to pretend they don’t exist rather than wait in confident expectation. And I know the Lord is good. If He promises me something, He will make good on it. I don’t have a hard time trusting God for who He is. I do have a hard time trusting God because of who Satan is.

The sneaky one that pops up along the way and makes the miracles seem impossible. The one who whispers to me that things might not be okay, and what if my trust was in fact misplaced? What if my will would in fact serve me better than His will?

I know these things are not true. But questions race through my head regardless. I find myself focusing on my questions rather than His sovereignty.

What if instead of listening to the voices of impossibility, I built an altar of thanks?

He promises to love me, and that is enough. I can give thanks.

He may plow through my impossibilities with a mighty hand, or he may let me sew through them slowly – reliant on His grace. He may show me a completely different way. But when He shows His presence in an obvious way, I want to mark it with an altar of thanks. Even if I don’t completely understand what He says.

Thanks for the good. Thanks for the bad. Thanks that He is a God who sees and hears me…and thanks that He is enough.



  1. wendyblight says

    Stephanie, this altar is BEAUTIFUL!! I love how you ended this post…”Thanks for the good. Thanks for the bad. Thanks that He is a God who sees and hears me…and thanks that He is enough.”

    He is EL ROI! He is our Sufficiency. He is our All in All!!!

    Love you,


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