Am-ness and Is-ness

I wonder who I am. Looking to see what roles suit me best. Where a gift is best displayed, or an anthem most clearly heard. Seeking to find the depth of sorrow…the balance of pain…that makes suffering into beauty…and takes ashes beyond shame.

And I wonder who I am…

The ground trembles before me. I clearly hear His voice. Echoing His word to Moses…I AM who I AM.

I begin to wonder, “Who am I to seek this identity of mine?”

As if it was somehow imparted separate from His will.

I look to find it everywhere except where it is hidden. If He is I AM, then who can I possibly be apart from Him?

The very am-ness of life revolves around the breath of heaven – the AM-ness of Him.

Not only the AM-ness but the IS-ness.

Worthy IS The Lamb.

And if I truly accept His I AM as God, I shudder and shrink into a ball until I embrace the HE IS. Only in the Lamb’s sacrifice can I look upon, step near, or bow before I AM.

Spotless lamb…worthy IS…because HE IS I AM.

And here I stand…before His name…Lord You are I AM.



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