And now to Him…

So many things seem definite. A diagnosis of cancer defined as death. A diagnosis of mental retardation defined as manual laborer. A diagnosis of mental illness defined as crazy. A diagnosis of laziness defined as failure.

We use a diagnosis (reason finding, meaning giving, words) to teach our brains the means of expectation. Somehow a define-it outcome is supposed to bring peace. More often it settles heartache. And so we must choose more. To move from what is definite to what is infinite. From what is now…now to Him…

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” Ephesians 3:20

A definite life is one structured by physical boundaries. Science at its best, however, has nothing on the greatness of our God. Even the vast expanse of an earthly mind made whole in Him cannot fathom His capabilities.

In-finite. Vast. Expansive. Yet alive in the finite, minute, details of a cell that needs mending or a heart that needs bending.

Infinite power…His power …at work in us reaches far beyond a definition or a diagnosis. Even the most brilliant human mind cannot account for the infinite possibilities of His love.

And so we have this choice of the now…of what we see…of what a definition holds….or of giving the now to Him…trusting in the greater…the things we hope for yet cannot see…where all is grace.

And so now to Him I give my worries. My prayers. My thoughts. My definitions and diagnosis…those that apply to myself and to others. Now to Him they belong and in His power they rest. What a gift…a blessing…a praise.

And now to you…sweet sister…what will you give to Him…



  1. Jenn says

    I love your posts, today and yesterday! When I take my pitiful focus off of me and look to my Abba to be all things to me, then I am lifted from the mire of my self. When I surrendered my mentally ill husband and my abusive marriage to Him, He released me from that situation.

    Today, I am surrendering my hopes and dreams, including my spring 2013 marriage to the man God has blessed me with. I want Him to wipe away any definitions and to be the woman and wife He wants me to be!

  2. Shelly says

    I’m going to give him our struggle with infertility. Our God is mighty and longs to be good to us! I’m going to CHOOSE to remember this today! Although his goodness may look different than what I feel is “good”, he knows what is best for me!

    Thank you for your words of wisdom Stephanie!

  3. David F Jones says

    How can you be so young and yet possess such wisdom, is truly a gift from God in itself. I absolutely love to read your posts. they are like poetry to my soul, speaking of the true nature of our relationship with God. we must not look only to the elders for our advise and wisdom, I cannot wait until your next installment is received.

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