And she says…


And he said:“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer” 2 Samuel 22:2

The things I say carry power over my heart and mind. Speak good things and good things are what I will see. Shift my focus to the bad things and I will become lifeless and depressed.

And so in our minds we set up a claim. Either a claim to the throne of grace or a claim that denies its power. We can either claim the truth of forgiveness or overlook what the Lord has done on the cross and claim our own guilt and shame.

And yet the deliverer stands ready to redeem us, calling us by our name.

Will we take his hand?

He waits to be our everything. My everything. Your everything.

I don’t want to make Him wait any longer. I will chose to accept His deliverance. The deliverance that is given is given in totality. Suffient for all and everything I will ever need. And as His grace flows through, the sting of death let’s go and all we can see is a beautiful claim of what the Lord has done.

The rock. The redeemer.

And she says,

He is my Lord. My safe place, the one who carries me off to safety. My deliverer.


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