blended realities…


It looks picturesque. Perfect family. Perfect setting. We are that family who went on a fabulous beach vacation over spring break. But before you get jealous let me show you another side of our reality.

The last thing I want is to come across as ungrateful because I am bent and doubled over in thankfulness for this priceless time with my family enjoying God’s creation. It was amazing…thus I debate to share. But some days we just need to be real.

So here’s reality #2. The day before spring break we got a call from the principal. He told us about some alarming behaviors exhibited by our intellectually disabled son. With Ryan, behavior issues are not uncommon. But this was different. Severe.

As it all unfolded we learned he had been the recipient of another child’s sexually inappropriate behaviors at school. And that’s all I’ll say.  I feel it’s all I should say to respect his privacy.

However, as a survivor of sexual assault myself this news threw me into a tailspin.

Then comes the double stack…

My daughter is having ongoing battles with anxiety and sensory overload. They often leave her frustrated and in tears. She struggles at school and she no longer wants to go to dance class. Lately, if she goes at all,  I have to drag her. And it breaks me.

All of it breaks me.

And then there’s reality #3. My kids are amazing. They have challenges. But I wouldn’t trade walking them through these challenges for a million dollars. I just wish I could remove their pain. That is all.

I have an amazing husband by my side. We are healthy. We have a beautiful home and 2 great jobs. When you stand back and survey it all…comparing it to other realities…we are overwhelmingly blessed. And even if this all was snatched away tomorrow – we would still be blessed. Why? Because of Jesus. He is and has to be our everything.

There are perfect pictures that express reality for a few seconds in time. There are realities that break our hearts. And then there is the reality of God’s truth and His blessings. The reality that sets us free.

All reality. All true. Some good.  Some painful. But they are our realities to live. And shouldn’t we stand thankful we aren’t alone in bearing our burdens – regardless of what they may be.

You, I, we…are not alone. God is with us. He sees. He hears. He heals. We trust.




  1. Lynne K says


    Thank you so much for sharing what is behind the smiles. I have ALWAYS loved your posts and pictures. You are an amazing Jesus girl and your kids are so blessed to have you as their Mom. Have a wonderful day.

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