brave girls do it afraid…and a Valerie Wieners art giveaway!!!!!!!

I like wearing “Be Brave” on a T-shirt. Or having it on my coffee mug. I even plaster Valerie Wieners Be Brave Prints on on my walls. I like to see myself as Merida from the movie Brave, riding through the forest on my horse, a fearless bear slaying woman warrior. But since I don’t have a horse, and I can’t ride my pembroke welsh corgi…I don’t live near a forest or any bears, being brave is all in my head and on my T-shirt unless I change my idea of what brave really looks like.

And for an anxious girl, being brave in real life sounds difficult. I don’t always like to try new things or meet new people. Sometimes I prefer real life to remain in my safety bubble. So I asked God what being brave would/should/could look like for me? Should I don a bow and arrow and see what targets I can hit today? Should I go out of my comfort zone and do something crazy?  Or does my brave look a little different?

And in that moment He spoke to my heart…

Sometimes being brave is walking into a situation you have no control over and staying present anyways.

Ok God, there it is for us fixers. For those of us who prefer the pretty things and big red bows. There it is for those of us who want resolution and solution. For those of us always looking to enjoy life in the future when things are “better”.

What if we were brave enough to say: this is my present…I choose to enjoy it now…even when life makes no sense and my safety bubbles are popping right and left…

This is my my horse. This is the monster beast I need to get up and ride. This is brave.

Because reality for us natural born helpers and fixers is, we want to make a difference. But sometimes we can’t.

Sometimes all we can do is be present with someone who doesn’t feel like they can be present with themselves. Sometimes being brave is saying there’s really nothing I can do to help you right now, but I’ll sit here with you anyways. Sometimes it’s feeling like you stuck your hand on a stovetop and left it there but saying I can stand it, cope with it, and choose to move forward. Being brave is being present and choosing love even when it hurts and you want to say words no Jesus loving girl should choose to say!

Because brave people don’t wait for something to be fixed before running in with their hair on fire. Brave people are prepared to fight. Brave people use their gifts even when they must use them afraid. They don’t let fear stop them. They do it afraid. They fight afraid, and they do it with passion and love, even when they know the battle might not be won.

So you may not have a horse, bow and arrow, flowing red curly hair, or even a be brave T-shirt or wall print (although you can totally get one at – but girl, you can be brave.

Maybe your brave looks like mine. Maybe it doesn’t. Ask God to show you what being brave looks like for you. And then do it. Do it afraid. Do it with passion and love, knowing you may not always be able to fix or win, but with Jesus, we win in the end.

**************Valerie Wieners Art Giveaway**************

Valerie Wieners is one of the bravest women I know. If you don’t follow her blog or follow her art, you totally should. She is a gifted artist and writer who is passionate about redemption and bravery in Christ. And because of the amazing heart she has, she has kindly offered to giveaway 5 of her Be Brave prints!!!! Here is how you can enter to win…

1. Like Valerie’s Facebook Page and/or Instagram Page and leave a comment below letting me know you did and which print you would prefer from the top of this post (just say 1st one or 2nd one). Also include your email so I can message you if you are a winner.

2. You get a bonus entry if you do number one and sign up for Valerie’s exclusive email specials, and trust me, you want to because she sends out amazing coupons! Click here to go to her website and there is a place to enter your email in the right hand sidebar. Again, let me know you did this as part of your comment so you get a bonus entry!

3. You get a super bonus entry (that’s three entries) if you do number 1 and 2 and also share this post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) Again, let me know you did in your comment so I know to enter you name 3 times.

You have until July 29th to enter to win! I will send an email to all the winners so that I can get your address and Valerie can get your print shipped out!!!! Yay!!!!



  1. Nikki says

    I followed her on Facebook and Instagram. I like #1. I also checked out her website and signed up, and shared this!
    Thanks for your insight and encouragement on being Brave!

  2. Jennifer Rasor says

    Hi Stephanie! Thanks for this post. I definitely need to get out there and “do it afraid”more often. I’ve been kind of stuck in a rut for a while. I liked Valerie’s Facebook page, signed up for her emails, and liked and shared your blog post! I like the first print. ~Jen

  3. Casey says

    I’ve done all three! I love Valerie’s art so either print would be fine with me! Also, I really enjoyed this blog post. It gave me a new perspective on what being brave can look like!

  4. says

    I NEED THIS!!! Too many reasons to explain.

    I followed and liked her on IG. Will head over and like her on Facebook right now.

    #1 is my favorite, but love both.

  5. Kerry morgan says

    1st one.. I follow her on Instagram. I am in the process of fasting and completely getting off of Facebook. I have found it to be too addicting.

  6. Nelaine Yoder says

    I did #1 & 2 -I liked Valerie’s FB page and follow her on IG. Also signed up for emails. #1 is my favorite!

  7. Thea says

    I follow on IG, and love how brave and strong, confident and faith filled Valerie is! Love both prints, would be overjoyed with either one, but I will say #1 is #1!

  8. Liz Fambrough says

    I would love to win pic #1. I did all 3 things: I follow Valerie on Instagram & Facebook. I shared this contest on Instagram. And I signed up for the emails.

  9. Kaylene Sihotang says

    I did the first and third entries. I couldn’t get the email entry link to load. Thank you for your insight to being brave Stephanie. Thanks for the exciting giveaway. I love both prints!

  10. Sarah says

    I love this post. Thank you so much for sharing this message. I have been struggling lately in this department and your words have driven some much needed courage into my heart. I have liked this amazing artist’s Facebook page and shared this post (because so many more people need this message).

  11. Rachelle Bonifer says

    Flowing on Instagram & liked on FB!!
    I love both prints!!! Would be blessed to have either one!!!

  12. Kris C says

    I liked on FB; signed up to receive emails; and shared on FB. Love both prints, but my favorite is #2! Thanks for doing a giveaway! 🙂

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