Breathy exaltation…

I wish I could blow the drowning waters of shame far away from her nostrils. So she could breathe. I wish I could blow away the cycle of poverty that seems to surround their family. The financial burden that continues to leave them drowning in medical bills and too little income. I wish I had powerful breath that would soothe their pain in a mighty way.

Like exiles in a foreign land, the Lord whispers to their hearts that He knows the plans He has…but this plan doesn’t look inviting. Sorrow that breeds pain is never taken lightly. God does not ignore empty yearning hands. But His timing sometimes leaves us feeling otherwise.

“Then at your command, O Lord, at the blast of your breath, the bottom of the sea could be seen, and the foundations of the earth were laid bare. He reached down from heaven and rescued me; he drew me out of deep waters.” Psalm 18:15-16


As sure as He parts the waters and lays the foundations of the earth we can rest assured that He will rescue us from the deep. Exiled for a short time, yes, but never abandoned. Forced recklessly to leave our homeland. Our land of comfort. The peace of happiness that we have known, if only even for a short time, and sent away into this pitiful realm of sorrow. Where things don’t make sense and the world seems to slow to a sudden stupor.

And yet in this time the foundations are laid so that when His mighty wind comes for a rescue the ground will not shatter beneath us. We will have a stable and fresh place to stand that resists all circumstances and withstands the pain. The place where His love runs deep into the marrow of our bones. Love that no wind can wipe away. Love that pulls us safely home and lands us eventually back in the land of peace.

There are not promises that life will come and go without pain. It may end in a writhing battle on earth. I watch a friend struggle with cancer and her battle seems unfair. And yet I know that when His breath takes up into His lungs the harnesses will shatter and she will be swept home. Away from pain and circumstances that bind her. And you will too sweet sister. His breath is for you too. One little dust of wind and you will find yourself at home.

Rejoice if you are exiled for but a moment, because God is building the foundations that will soon lead you home.



  1. says

    Stephanie, this post has got to speak to all kinds of people in all kinds of places in their lives. It speaks to me even now when my life is not so bad. I can remember all the bad times and that God has faithfully brought me through each one of them even if it was not on the road I wanted to travel.

  2. kim says

    God just spoke to me through you..I am sitting here in tears about all the unknowns going on in my life right now. I always try to remember God’s faithfulness to me in the past…but tonight the tears are streaming down my heartbroken face. My mind won’t stop thinking about all the what ifs..I know that God is still on His throne and is in control, but feel as if I am losing control and that nothing is as it should be. I would like to wake up and know that things were going to be ok, but instead I wake up with the stress of another day, not knowing when and if things will ever be better or back in place. I don’t want to feel numb and empty, I want to feel joy and expectation. I want to feel good again. God please help me through this difficult journey. I am weary and need you to intervene.

    • says

      Oh Kim, sweet sister, I am praying for you right now. I’m so sorry you are going through such a rough season. Things are just rotten sometimes. And just like you said, you know The Lord is in control, but in the present-in the now-it hurts. And it’s ok that it hurts. Sometimes we just have to be willing to learn to accept our negative feelings, the ones we don’t like, and embrace them. They aren’t as enjoyable as positive ones, but they are part of life. And yes, because of The Lord, we can not only embrace the hurt but rejoice in the sorrow. Giving thanks with hands wide open for all he has done and will do. Hugs to you sweet sister!!!

  3. says

    Stephanie, what a beautiful display of hope and a call to press on and trust. May the Lord use you mightily. Praying for Kim too. That Jesus will refresh her weary soul and give her joy in the midst of pain.

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