Can you hear the stones drop?


When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7 NIV

I imagine the sound. Stones dropping. Delicate thunks in the sand. One by one. Tiny clouds of dust as each stone slips through bent fingers, escaping wrath, embracing the fall.

Familiar with this story, I’ve contemplated God’s mercy and grace. No longer condemned but forgiven of sin. It’s a beautiful thing.

But what about all of those left behind stones. Stones that would have, could have, been thrown at this poor woman. A sinner just like me. And yet because of Jesus, un-launched stones litter the ground.

Littering the ground, I can’t help but wonder if they no longer litter someone’s heart?

Let Him without sin cast the first stone.

And yet no stone was cast that day.

Rather stones were dropped and everyone walked away.

The man who cheated on his wife. Stone dropped.

The woman who lied to her husband, her sin stone hits the sand.

The one who cheats the tithe, reluctantly dropped.

As stones met the ground I wonder if Jesus knew the weight that would be dropped that day.

The weight of human sin that would have been cast on another human. Launched hurt and anger, now cast fully upon him. And not only cast, but accepted, given the proper sacrifice, and ultimately forgiven.

And so we stand with our stones. Stones of bitterness and anger ready to launch at others who sin or hurt us.

But I wonder if we too could make the drop. Stones on the sand, confessing our sin to to Jesus. Accepting His forgiveness and even offering it to others. And at His feet, may we all hear the stones drop.



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    As I read your words, I felt as if I was there hearing the stones dropping. But it struck me that as they dropped their stones and left they were weighed down by their sin, but at His feet sat a woman who received forgiveness. I pray we all sit at His feet and receive forgiveness that only He offers.

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