Counsel was and is well worth it…

One of the hardest things about counseling is that you have to leave the counselor. If you have a good relationship with him/her, this can be super difficult. I remember waiting all week between sessions, saving my anxieties, worries, and cares up in a notebook only to have a mere hour to spill them out. And what if I forgot something? I would either have to call or text her, or wait until next week.

Now things are this way in counseling for a reason. As a counselor myself, I know that this is part of teaching boundaries and promoting growth and problem solving. However, many times I disregarded what I knew about counseling boundaries and got downright angry and upset that she couldn’t be there to help me with my issue NOW!

It’s been a few years since I have been in counseling. That’s weird to say, because at times it feels like yesterday. But I do not walk alone. My sweet and beautiful Christian counselor trained me to become dependent on the One counselor who never leaves, Jesus.

Psalm 16:7 puts it this way, “I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

I will not be shaken. Life does some shaking doesn’t it? Especially over the last week, our entire country has been shaken. We shake. Our children shake. Shaken is how we live in times such as these. But God’s Word says that with Him at our right hand – we will not be shaken.

Every time my world would shake, I wanted my counselor. She would place my hand with Jesus and send me on my way. It was painful at first, but she was training me to stick with Jesus. The one counselor who is never busy or tired at 2AM. The One who always has an appointment available, without any wait. He gets me in immediately, and doesn’t even charge a fee.

I pray this is the type of counselor I am. The one who places misdirected hands back into the arms of Jesus. Counseling is good and necessary, but only Jesus saves. His is the only hand that never shakes.

And, so maybe you are in counseling right now – or even thinking about going. I could not encourage you more to do so, or to continue going. The counsel I received has allowed Christ to transform my heart and mind. The Christian counsel my husband and I received as a couple saved our marriage. I couldn’t be more thankful. And yet I still go, just in a different way. My husband and I still go, just in a different way. It’s time for us to simply rely on what we have learned and fall hard at the feet of Jesus – our Wonderful Counselor.

If you are frustrated and tired, and haven’t found a Christian counselor you fit with, don’t give up. The search is worth it. If you are sad and depressed and counseling seems pointless, keep going, it’s worth it. And ultimately, rely on The Lord to pick you up in the good and the bad. He’s at your right hand…unshaken.



  1. says

    Hi Stephanie! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I love that verse you put in there, Ps 16:7. I wrote it down and will keep it close to my heart. God bless you sister! Love, Sue

  2. Jenn says

    This is great advice! I tried a Christian counselor and her greatest gift to me was getting me in touch with anger. 16 months later, I was ready to try another counselor and I found one who listened, made a few suggestions, validated my feelings, and told me I was normal and healthy and taking it to Jesus and trusting His guidance was the exact right thing to do!
    When she “graduated” me, I felt a little anxious (after 6 visits, I think), but trusted that she was right, I will continue to go to Jesus, and I can always call to schedule with her if I have a need for a counselor with skin on. 🙂

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