Courageous feet walking out dreams…


I have dreams. Crazy wild dreams. Dreams many would say are impossible. But not with God. Nothing is impossible.

I once heard someone say that if you give something away, people won’t value it. That a free gift can’t possibly be worth something. For a moment I ascribed to this theory until I realized the greater truth. A free gift can be worth something depending on the heart of the giver. If the giver only values giving something away to get it off their hands, well then yes it likely isn’t worth much. If the giver gives with confidence and haste it leads us to question their motives, as true giving often requires sacrifice. But if a giver gives hesitantly but without reproach, willing to sacrifice something of great value to help someone else, well then the gift is worth much and freedom indeed can come attached to such gift.

Such is the gift of the cross. Given freely, the greatest gift of all. The salvation of humanity. A free gift can indeed be worth something depending on the heart of the giver.

I want to give away counseling in my hometown. Sound Biblical theory based Christian counseling to those who cannot afford it. Not that I do not want an investment from them. I do. But I want to offer the option of paying whatever they can pay. Whatever their current circumstances will allow. Which may be different from week to week, and I am okay with that.

I am okay with that but my bank account is not. It says I need a steady paycheck and in order to keep the lights on in my own home I should require more of said people, as a service valuable is worth charging for. And on so many points I agree, yet my heart disagrees. I can’t stand to see one more victim of human trafficking or domestic violence or sexual abuse writhe in pain because she cannot afford to pay a therapist. A gift I want to offer her is the gift of freedom through Him, offered freely indeed.

And so the lines of counseling and religion and freedom become blurred and yet in certain cases I think this is good. Theories get you far and are vastly useful when dealing with mental health issues but there is only one heart freedom setter. If The Lord sets you free you shall be free indeed. That’s my Jesus.

And so Lord willing I place my feet where he would have me go. Darkness lies before me as I cannot see the path he has planned, but I do know one thing. One small verse filled with gigantic truth. I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1:3.

Every place I set my foot has been pre-ordained by Him as preparation for the next phase of living. For His ministry. For His will. He knows the logistics. The wheres and the whens. My job is as simple as this. Daily obedience, and being still enough to listen. Having ears that are open and available to the promptings of His Word. My freedom based counseling center may or may not come to fruition but I believe God has His hand in it. And in His time, I will see His will done.

And maybe you are a dreamer too. And though the ground you walk on seems unsteady at best, it is God who makes the ground manageable. Who blesses each and every step your feet take in His will. And as we trust His timing and seek Him in the midst of waiting and misunderstanding, He will lead us to the fruit if it all. The promised Holy land. On earth and in heaven. His will is and will be done. May we seek it Lord, and may every place we set our feet be promised to You indeed.



  1. says

    I too have dreams Stephanie, but my dreams are more for my family with husband’s job. I try to take myself there periodically to see how that dream is going and how God is going to answer. He is going to answer and I am goiing to be able to give him all the glory. In God’s time not my time. Thanks for posting this today. I was very much encouraged.

  2. Dodie says

    I pray that your dreams are realized. I’m so thankful that my insurance pays for my therapy. I wish I had a Christian Psychologist to work with. My Dr is great but if she included God during the process I think my dreams of freedom would come to a fuller fruition much quicker. God Bless you & your heart for the wounded! I think churches, women’s groups & individuals (like myself) would love to be able to sponsor Women through your Freedom Center. If that becomes an option let us know. Maybe we can help open your doors, keep them open & give freely ourselves to support God’s victorious right hand to heal the hurt this world has inflicted. Again God Bless you & your Dream!

  3. Latosha says

    Stephanie, thank you for sharing your heart today. As you continue to share and minister to others freely, I pray that you continue to walk through those doors that God has opened to you. I love how you have a heart for others and allowing God to order your steps daily. Blessings!

  4. Janel says

    I am currently under the best counseling I have ever received..and it’s free. It’s through a church. The church pays the counselor a small salary, and she counsels hundreds of at no charge of her own. I have been so touched by this and think that it’s something that could “go big”. Your post really tugs at my heart strings. I am finally starting to find that freedom…and it’s been free. I have gone to paid counselors for years, but this is the stuff. 😉 I would love to be able to turn around and offer the same some day!
    I support your dream and will be praying!!!

  5. Debbie Skarupa says

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just read your blog, and I had to write. I say follow your heart….. I am on a disability pension and do not have a lot of money, and needed counselling, and I found a dear woman who was following her leading from God, and she had agreed to help me for a short period of time, and only charged me a low some of money, due to that my pension pretty much goes out on medical expenses. She told me that God had blessed her and because she was following her call from Him, He provided for her each month……I was so amazed at how He did it but it showed me that if we follow His Will, He will provide. Unforunately I have lost her (due to sickness) and now not able to find another counseller, but on that note, I want to encourage you to follow your dream. I will pray that God provide you with His steps and as you follow them, He will bless your obediance. I love reading your blogs, thank you for writing them to grow our faith and encourage us in our walk with Jesus.

  6. says

    Stephanie, there is an affordable biblical counseling place not to far from where I live. It may not match your ideas entirely, but perhaps you can see how to make a similar concept work for you. Check out I think the average cost is around $25 a session, but for those with less money the amount is less. I pay a lot less…but that way there is still some money and I can get the counseling that I need.

    I believe they have been in business for 8 years now. They do an annual fundraiser to help cover the cost of therapy.

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