Don’t pop my happy bubble….

So it’s good, this life I live. Really good. And I’m reading the book of Job. The man who went from really really good to horribly bad. My gracious, Does it get worse than what happens to him?

Unprovoked and seems unfair. It baffles my feely good vibes. Fear creeps in and I wonder if I’m next? Is God going to let Satan pop my happy bubble?

Fear is a big stronghold of mine. It often motivates my behavior without me even realizing it.

I act like a momma bird eager to protect her babies. My life is stable. It is good. And I would do just about anything to protect the balance. If it was all snatched away, I don’t know how I would react. Would I praise God in the storm or curse the painful acts and bid God let me die…

So fearfully, I protect my bubble. I do nothing seemingly “bad” to the outside observer. But inside, I refuse risk factors. If I’m not certain, I say no. I choose to protect myself from possible mistakes by never acting in the first place. If I tamper my God passion to a low whisper maybe it will also quiet satan’s desire to let out a nasty roar.

As I enter a time of “narrowing my calling” of sorts, I’m tempted to take an easy road. Seduced by laziness, I think maybe I should just ease up. But I find easing up means less time in my Bible, although that was not my intention. Fear says “just be normal…a middle of the road God girl”. And then thankfully God snatches my heart back and says “no”.

I know passionate love is consuming. Loving God crazy is risky business. Not because He won’t love me back. No…He loved me first. But because at times, things may hurt. God may grow my faith through pain, and He may not, but I’m choosing to be okay with either.

God took care of Job in the end. Even though I pray my happy bubble stays neatly in tact…God knows how to protect me even if it pops. And that goes for all of us.

So we can risk it a little. We can have a life of passionate love for Him. He’s going to keep everything okay. He will provide. Even if your going through the depths of a Job moment. Hold fast. God’s got it. Of that I’m 100 percent certain.



  1. says

    Thank you SO much for these words today.
    Though my “makeup” is a little different than yours, fear has stolen much of my life this past few (dare I admit it?), years. 🙁

    But God is the Redeemer of time. He works all this together for those that love Him.
    So very grateful for that!
    Bless you dear one for sharing your experiences with us, so we are encouraged to keep moving forward!

  2. says

    Good word and i can testify a job experience will bust your bubble. I will say after seeking Jesus through it, He is sweeter than I ever thought He was.

  3. Laura says

    Thanks for your honesty. That is what drew me to get your blog devotions. You are so right on the outside we look good -but God wants all of our trust and all our devotion no matter what – Keep saying it – We are to be set apart girls NOT middle of the line. When we really get His perfect love than it will cast out that fear. I pray for all that we would know His Perfect lovce in the depths of who we are and trust Him completely. Keep Marching on ladies!!!!!!

  4. says

    Hey Stephnie

    I’m your mom&Dad’s old next door neighbor in Argyle. I’m writing a prayer request. My friend from HS is loosing her sweet husband to a rare and vicious bladder cancer. They have a 12 yr old and 9 yr old. They will be without their dad and husband within Days. They are believers and know God is in Control.

  5. Veronica Nightingale says

    The easy road! So the Lord has spoken to you about that too! It is on my prayer list in just those words: the easy road! Do I delay or, worse, refuse to walk through a door of opportunity God has put before me because the status quo is peaceful just now? Glad to know I’m not the only one! Thanks so much for sharing!

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