fear does not live here…


Fear does not live here. In our home. Our minds. Our hearts. And I will furrow holes in the ground with my praying knees before satan takes a stronghold.

That’s my theme song this week, because last week was a tough one. This week is better but my heart is still struggling to gag up the bitter taste of uncertainty. Beauty is on the horizon. It blossoms and I see it. Yet fear slithers in and tells me not to grab hold. That if I let my guard down the darkness will come crashing in.

“You want to be prepared? Don’t you?” Fear hisses. “If you trust God…that He is making things new…what if He doesn’t? What if it’s all just a big trap?”

I see these lies. I hear them. I recognize them. And I push them back with all my might. Because beauty, even if only present for a day or even a moment, is fantastic. It’s worth grasping.

And I get it. Sometimes night is so dark it seems all we can do is be afraid. Day after day of loss and mourning. It feels like we might break.

But let us not forget Jesus laid in the tomb for two long days. It seemed like evil had won. Just when the disciples were about to give up, He rose from the grave and filled them with power from heaven, the Holy Spirit.

It’s power that’s available to you too. Fear destroying ~ life changing ~ power.

When we encounter darkness, fear does not win. Not while Jesus lives. And He lives forever. Fear can be put to death by the power of His name. But we must not give up. We belong to Jesus. We have power through the Holy Spirit to drive fear back into the hell it came from. We win in the end.  And that’s the truth.


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