We walk around with our share of flakes. Things sprinkled on us that have seasoned who we are. Smaller pieces of a greater whole. They cover us and create our own unique individual emotional and social wardrobe. A diverse combination of experiences, influences, and circumstances that will leave us forever changed – for the better or for the worse.

I wish I could say all my flakes are good. Truth is some of them are bad. Some flakes I try to brush off over and over again but they just won’t go away.

Other flakes are amazing. Pieces of wisdom I glean from God’s Word. Inescapable truth from the Holy Spirit. Flakes He placed inside of me that change the very fabric of who I am.

Some flakes are people. Some that are still present and some that’s presence remains despite their absence.

Regardless of each individual flake it is the combination of them all that gives me the passion I have. It is the fabric God has woven together that gives me purpose and a reason for my existence. The flakes are what get me out of bed in the morning and leave me wanting and longing to do more – to be more – to know more – to discover deeper.

At times they give me trouble. I shame myself over the unattractive ones. Part of me wants to hide them. But maybe it’s these that need to be seen most. They offer hope – tomorrow can be better. Flakes covered in a pearly like glaze that is the love of Jesus. Made beautiful by grace. Still visible, but redeemed.

Whatever your flakes are. God has put them there for a reason. They are unique to you. Even the ugly pieces of a much more painful whole have purpose.

Lord have your way in us…in our flakes…in the small pieces you have allowed. Make us who you want us to be. Give us peace where we feel shame and grace to show the shiny flakes with humility. Blend us into the deeper beauty only you can create. And above all Lord, fall fresh on us in every way possible. We want more of you. Be ever present in ever fiber of every flake.



  1. Mary Strong says

    I really needed that! It is interesting how everything in this life has a purpose! You are a blessing!


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