Goats just poo…

A goat pooped near my foot today. I almost stepped in it. I could have blamed the goat for pooing. I could have stepped in the poo and blamed myself for being careless and inattentive. Or I can just accept poo for what it is, be glad I stepped around it, and move on.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about goat poo today. Maybe I’m just really tired and this is all my mind has left, LOL! Or maybe goat poo will make us laugh and let go of a little proverbial goat poo all around us…

My daughter has a meltdown over socks…poo

My husband leaves his dirty boxers on the floor…more poo

I leave my wallet at home on accident…poo

My client stands me up…poo and more poo

There is goat poo all around us. We can spend all day whining and complaining about it. We can blame others. We can blame ourselves. But at the end of the day, goats just poo. People disappoint us. We mess up. And then comes grace.

Grace allows us the freedom to admit fault, speak truth, accept consequences – and then MOVE ON!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9




  1. Lindsay says

    Perfectly timed message. I was swimming in poo and spreading plenty of mouthfuls myself tonight. Thankful for His grace and thanks for reminding me

  2. Lisa Lagalo says

    I know your an awesome writer when you can write about the GOODness of looking at poo and teach us a lesson. Never thought I could have a GOD moment with that word picture but, it has happened….thanks for your post lol all laughing aside It was a teachable moment for me!!!!

  3. Shawna says

    Lol Amen!! Love all of your posts but this one really made me laugh and I needed it today! Not only funny but oh so true! Xoxo

  4. Breinny says

    Stephanie, I had to laugh when I read your blog. Recently, while on vacation, I stumbled upon a t-shirt about dog poo that made me laugh so hard I had to take a picture of it. And then you addressed poo in your blog and it just seemed timely. The t-shirt says “Poop happens! Just pick it up and move on.” If I could figure out how to attach the picture here, I’d share it. Thank you for recognizing Poo in all of our lives and addressing it with humor and grace — we’ve all got it, and how we deal with it makes all the difference for Him. 😉

  5. Melissa says

    Reading this blog made me laugh as it brought back a memory from my childhood. We were at a petting zoo when I was in the 4th grade. There was the cutest little bitty baby goat walking around. I just had to hold him. And, he just had to poo down the front of my pants. LOL. The lady working there said, “Sorry, but goats just go when they gotta go, no matter where they are.” After we left and were heading down the road, my daddy said he was going to have to pull over and strap me to the top of the car because I smelled so bad. Ha. So, I totally get the message today. Great analogy. And so true.

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