God is here…


I am enough for you today.

I remember scrawling these words in my Bible. It’s funny how such a simple phrase could mean so much. And perhaps it will never mean as much again as it did that day. But that day, in that hour, I actually felt Him as my savior.

I was drowning in a sea of self-doubt and uncertainty. I felt alone and afraid. Abandoned and broken.

You would think processing through a traumatic event that happened years prior would be simple. But it wasn’t. Processing through it made it real again. As real as the moment it happened. Real enough to shake the foundation of my heart and sanity. Real enough to send me into a quickly spiraling anxiety toilet. Around and around I went until I finally reached the bottom of the bowl. In one last ditch effort I reached out my hand. I wasn’t sure there would be anything to grab onto. But He was there.

I am enough for you Stephanie. Enough to carry you through this moment. This hour. This day. Do you trust me enough to continue life balanced in my hand? Will you trust me to keep you safe?

And He has. He has been, and continues to be, more than enough.

Looking back as a counselor myself, I understand what my mind and body were going through. When we process through these pushed down, repressed, often very painful memories, our minds, emotions, and bodies relive the trauma.

But the beauty of working through your pain with a counselor by your side is this time…this chance…you have an opportunity to make it new. To process what happened not with fear and shame, but with hope and belief that God will bring good from this. You have a chance to rewrite your story.

I’m writing this post as part of a “blog hop” for the P31 Online Bible Study of Tracie Miles book “Stressed Less Living”. We are supposed to write about a time that we felt God close enough to touch. This moment when God rescued me with His soothing words was one of the closest times I’ve ever had with Him. And yet it was one of the most difficult times of my life.

I want to encourage you that if you are facing a giant in your past, something you are afraid to admit, process, or think about – God is here. It may be difficult to go back to upsetting places.

It will be difficult.

But God is here.

He will meet you there. And right there, in the middle of all the uncharted territory, is where He will help you rewrite your story.

Trauma becomes victory. Shame is undone. Letting go is possible. And moving forward is victory.

Today I encourage you to begin finding that victory in Him. Even if that means seeking Christian counseling…the time has come for you to be set free from your circumstances.



  1. says

    Wow, it was very encouraging reading your post. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. I know that I am the most honest with myself on my blog as I have ever been with anything. It’s so great to know that God is there for us no matter what. He is an amazing God. May he continue to bless you and keep you.

  2. says

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! He IS enough!! I love the idea of putting dates in my Bible and I am going to start doing this…I have used highlighters of different colors and have written in it, but never used dates. Thank you for blessing me with your post today. <3

  3. says

    What a beautiful story Stephanie! It is so powerful. God has gifted you to reach so many through your experience. That just blows me away! Love ya

    Melissa S OBS Group Leader


    Stephanine I needed to hear this, this morning. I was sitting here at work texting my son back and forth arguing with him about his choices he was making and I couldn’t do anything but cry. I just prayed Lord send me a word this morning I am hurting and I was lead to start looking at the blogs. I came across yours and when I seen the words I am enough for you today and that was all I needed. I broke down and had to leave my computer. Thank you so much for your words this morning it has made a difference in me today. I am going to lean on God and let him take care of all the choices my son makes now. I actually feel I have had a load lifted off my shoulders.

  5. Nancy Miksad says

    A beautiful blog. It brought tears to my eyes (more like sobs) I relate to that toilet bowl swirling around and around. He has me in his righteous right hand. Thank you for your words they are so encouraging to my heart today.

  6. says

    Thank you for this post! You are right, God IS enough and we have to keep reminding ourselves of this daily. I will be writing this down to see for those times when I forget.

  7. says

    Thank you Stephanie for all you have done for me personally during our Stress-Less study and through your blog. Each post is a golden moment I look forward to. Thank you so much for the picture. I am going to go write that in my Bible now. You are doing such a good work for women. I commend you!

    Love in Christ,


  8. Dodie says

    Amazing to read your blog this morning as I’m getting ready to leave for my therapy appt. We have spent the last year going back to childhood events & processing through them. At the beginning I clung to my pattern of packing it away in a dark corner as soon as our session was over. About 2 months ago I finally let go of the doorknob & let God in. I know he was always there waiting for me to cry out to him & let him be enough but I’d spent a lifetime hiding it. I can’t describe the weight that was lifted that day. It didn’t magically erase it but He miraculously lifted me up & filled me with a peace to know that He is Enough & I’m gonna be okay. So, time to crank the car & trust Him with more of me.

  9. angela peterson says

    This is my very first ever online bible study. I am so excited, I am counting the days. Angela Peterson

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