He loves you…



So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen you weak knees. Mark out a straight path for your feet so that those who are weak and lame will not fall but become strong. Hebrews 12:12-13

We all make mistakes. Some are more visible than others. Some are better at hiding them than others. There are those of us who fall into more socially acceptable traps and others who find themselves entangled by something we mark with a big scarlet letter.

Weird thing is just about every sin we can imagine is based out of an unmet need or a big fat unhealed hurt. Maybe we felt emotionally invalidated so we learned to use drugs, alcohol, or other countless addictions to numb and stuff them down. Maybe we feel so dang unloveable ourselves that we treat other people like crap. Perhaps we are so afraid and broken inside that we make decisions we wish we would have never made and aren’t even sure how we got sucked into making them in the first place.

And it’s in this pit of hurt driven sin and pain that satan whispers his best lies. He picks up guilt, shame, fear, blame, and doubt and shoots them with a dart gun straight at our heads. He uses these things to kick us when we are already down so that he can keep us feeling trapped. Our knees become weak, we lose grasp of what we once knew to be true and the path we once wanted to walk on seems to have disappeared. It’s a scary, lonely, exhausting, depressing place to be. And when he drags you to the very bottom, he reminds you of what he really thinks about you…that you are worthless.

In these moments it’s easy to get angry with God. How did He let us get here? Why did He let these things happen? He could have stopped us before we got to this point, and yet He didn’t? Wouldn’t a father that loves keep you from feeling any hurt or pain? How cruel can God be?

But that’s not it. That’s not it at all. It pains God greatly to see us hurting. It pains Him to see us try and heal our hurts, pains, and needs with sin when He knows all along that His love is the only thing that can or ever will provide healing and validation. He knows and yet He loves us enough to let us choose. And sometimes our choices have some pretty bad consequences. But here’s the thing…even if we have gone down the darkest path known to man, He is all the more willing to bring our hearts back home to their rightful place with Him.

He gives us the strength to take a new grip with our tired, hurt filled hands. A grip on His truth. A grip on forgiveness. A grip on His unending love.   He props our knees up with wisdom and understanding and helps us move our feet in the ways of His righteousness. He sends His Holy Spirit to make our path straight. But in all this we must make the choice to turn from our sin and turn towards Him. To stop looking to the world and start looking to His Word. To stop listening to satan’s lies and replace them with God’s truth. These are the things we must do. Because none of us are too deep in the pit to get back on the path, but it’s only by our choice and admitting to our sin that we can get out.

You are not worthless. You don’t have to carry shame. He makes the weak strong, and even if you fall you can start over again, and again, and again, and again because He loves you…all of you…every single part of you.

Take the time to listen to this video. It’s the truth about God’s love for you. His unchanging, unending love. Listen and let it wash over you…and then rise up and walk with a new grip on the truth…He loves you.


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