if fear isn’t working…change your mind…

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sometimes change happens fast. like the weather this weekend. one day I was burning up in my short sleeve flowy tops. the next day I had to bust out the North Face and long sleeves. don’t get me wrong…I love Fall weather. it just came on strong and rapid. and I was surprised.

a warm chai tea latte, my cozy blanket, the fuzzy socks that make my feet happy – this transition feels like home. i’ll gladly stow away my flip flops and trade them for some ankle boots. but i wish all transitions came so easily.

sometimes God puts new things in our path. changes that are good. changes that may be expected or take us by surprise and we struggle to move forward. fearful of what lies ahead. or that we won’t be prepared. part of us knows we are, but we just don’t want to mess it up. do it wrong. step too deep. or too shallow.

change can be scary.

good. exciting. a breath of fresh air. and all at the same time scary.

i was listening to Graham Cooke this weekend and one thing he said stuck out. if your thinking isn’t serving you well, change your thinking. like it was that easy. and in many ways it is.

fear is a way of thinking. and a way of being. it’s a good thing to have around if a wolf is chasing us. not so much if there is nothing to be afraid of. and change, especially change we have sought and prayed about, is nothing to be afraid of. God desires good things for us and if His hand is on the change set before us, there is no reason to be afraid.

2 Timothy 1:7 has it right, For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

if fear is part of our thinking maybe we need to look it at, realize it doesn’t belong here, and move on. we’ve got power. we’ve got love. and we’ve certainly got self-discipline. maybe self-discipline is what got us to this point of change in the first place. and now all the power and love we can shake a stick at is going to come flowing down from Jesus to help us be successful in this next chapter. because He is in control. and He is most certainly trustworthy. and worthy of praise.

and so you may be afraid, but there is no power in the fear. change your thinking. run the race with excitement. transfer fear energy into passion and compassion. you’ve got this. God wouldn’t have given it to you if you didn’t. go out there are be amazing. take the change for all it’s worth. and run with it.


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