If God is for me….

6 words...and a crossHumble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

At times it’s comforting to think of being wrapped in my Jesus bubble. Other times, it has concerned me. If God can only accept me wrapped up in the forgiveness and love of Jesus, how can He really know me? And if He can’t really know me, how can He care about me?

How can I stop doubting when the very message of the Gospel reminds me that I will always fall short of the Glory of God?

But then I step back, and realize what a prideful viewpoint this is.

The Gospel of Christ requires a certain amount of humility.

A certain willingness to stand up under the grace of God and it is here I realize that humility is not the same thing as self bashing and self abasement…but when we humble ourselves before the Lord…He will lift us up.
It’s different than an abusive relationship that would keep us pressed hard under thumb. That would press us down and never allow us to get up. Instead, God affords us the choice to come willingly under The Hand of Grace, bowed in humility. And rather than keep us under the massive thumb of sin, He allows us to be lifted up by the Gospel truth of Jesus Christ.
Our thoughts, our feelings, and our emotions must come under the grace of God, must bow willingly at His throne before we can ever truly be known. Because being known as one stuck under the thumb of sin and pride is never really being known at all.
This week in our Online Bible Study we are learning about the difference between “for me” thoughts and “against me” thoughts.

What stood out to me the most is that “against me” thoughts are self centered. Thoughts like “I am not good enough”, “I am unworthy”, “I am a failure”.

“Against me” thoughts are dependent on our own strength.

Perhaps the best way to move from an “against me” mentality to a “for me” mentality is to humble every thought I have before the grace of God. Before I can ever believe God is for me, I must believe He is with me…in me…enough for me…and available to me.

I am not good enough(against me, prideful, and painful)…but God is (for me, lifting me, and healing me).

I sin and fall short of perfection…but God loved me enough to send Jesus.

“Against me” thoughts are me centered, but “for me” thoughts are God centered.
So today I will bring it all under the Glory of God, humbled, and allow myself to bend down, get wrapped in my Jesus bubble, and then stand known and untainted by the tangled webs of lies and sin.

Standing spotless before His throne fully known…fully loved by a God who is for me.



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    Such a beautifully written and amazing p ost! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I loved when you compared the “against me” and “for me” thoughts! “’Against me’ thoughts are me centered, but ‘for me’ thoughts are God centered.” Thanks so much! Blessings to you ♥

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    I love this, Stephanie! Especially this ~ “Before I can ever believe God is for me, I must believe He is with me…in me…enough for me…and available to me.” Sooooo good.

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