If I just…I will be healed…and the breath prayer that is changing me…


If I just finish my degree…I would be healed of all my insecurities.

If I just see one more doctor…I would be healed of this feeling of exhaustion.

If I can just get to the next level in my work…I would be healed of feeling emptiness.

If I could just have a baby…I would be healed of loneliness.

If I could just get past my past…I would be healed of nightmares.

So many of us longing for healing in so many different ways. All seeking the ending of the if I just statement that will bring us what we desire.

A woman in Mark 5 was also seeking such a healing. The Bible tells us she had been under the care of many doctors and was subject to bleeding for twelve years. She spent all she had seeking relief and instead of getting better, she got worse.

Can you imagine her frustration? For 12 years, she went to everyone she could think of for help. She tried everything anyone suggested to ease her troubles. Yet nothing worked. The sense of hopelessness in her heart had to be deep. And yet when she saw Jesus, she thought this…

“If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.” Mark 5:28b

If I just touch Jesus…

I have thought and tried many if I justs when it comes to my own trials and difficulties. Most of them revolving around insecurity, seeking the next accomplishment that if I just complete, I might feel okay about who I am. Yet every accomplishment leaves me feeling more and more empty. Except one thing…seeking to know more and more of Jesus.

He is the one if I just that can actually lead to deep and profound healing.

Recently, I have been introduced to this idea of the breath prayer. It is changing the way I internalize scripture. You can read more about what a breath prayer is by clicking here, and please take the time to read it because this post explains it with such deep and thorough understanding. And then come back because I want to introduce you to a breath prayer that might be helpful for you.

Breath in with a deep breath thinking, If I just touch Jesus…breath out with I will be healed.

As you continue, let the words drop off naturally leading to something like this…

Breath in with the thought Jesus…breath out with I am healed.

Breath this as long as you need to come into a sense of peace in the midst of His presence. I have been practicing this as I go to bed at night and it has led me into such a deep and peaceful sleep.

Will He provide you with healing as a result of this prayer? I believe He will in one way or another. Even if that healing simply and profoundly means coming to a sense of acceptance with the way things are…His power made perfect in weakness.




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