It’s not normal…


“He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.” Ephesians 2:17-18

It’s not abnormal to be restless. In fact, if we are talking about humanity in it’s basic state, it’s normal to be stressed. I even stress myself out about being stressed because shouldn’t I not be stressed? After all, shouldn’t I be at peace? Should these things really bother me?

The truth is it doesn’t matter if these things “should” or “shouldn’t” bother me…they either just do or they don’t! My circumstances and the ensuing emotions don’t pay attention to my expectations…they just happen.

And so when I came across Ephesians 2:17 today, something hit me. Jesus preached peace. In fact He is called the Prince of Peace. He is true peace. He is wholeness. And all that I am not…He is.

Most of us strive so hard to be a peaceful. We want God’s peace. And yet the more we strive, often, the less calm we become. It can be stressful trying to live less stressed! Not only stressful, but impossible if we try to do it on our own.

If we truly want to experience peace we have to stop trying to dig it out from under all our baggage, because that’s not where it exists. True peace can only be accessed through Him.

Peace is a fruit of the Spirit. A manifestation of God’s presence. It’s not about what we can do.

Can we make decisions that might lead to peace? Yes! Can we be mindful of our anxious negative thoughts and alter them? Yes! But all of these efforts will only be temporary bandages if we don’t connect our heart, soul, and mind up to the peacemaker. The Holy One. The ultimate peace pipeline that never runs dry. He is our one true peace.

As 1 Peter 3:11 says, “They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it.”

We must seek and pursue it. What do we pursue? Jesus. The Prince of Peace. Without Him we are stuck with our normal stressed out humanity. Restless.

And so, it is indeed normal to be restless. But you my child are not normal. No daughter of the King filled with the Spirit of The Lord can be normal. She is blessed, lifted up from her stress, and given grace and mercy. Hidden in Him, yet lifted up as as a display of His splendor.

He came as peace, to be peace, and speak peace. Seek that peace sweet sister and you will never be normal again.



  1. says

    Oh so true Stephanie. I am royalty, the daughter of the King of Kings. I’m not normal. As a child of God I am empowered to live above and not beneath. I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. It is all a matter of living who’s I am. I always love your post my dear sister and OBS leader!

  2. says

    Oh sweet peace!! How we all long for it, don’t we?! Love that, Stephanie! We can go to God anytime, anywhere and He will give us that peace that we need. What a comforting thought!!! <3 Loved this!!!

  3. Jenn says

    6 days prior to marrying an amazing man, while my mother, who has graciously welcomed me in to her home for the past 2 years, is feeling anxious about me moving out (and taking all of my accumulated things), I came here this morning with very little peace.
    Thank you for this timely message! It brought tears to my eyes and made me stop to realize that the peace that passes all understanding is mine for the asking!

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