Just say something…

The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. Isaiah 50:4a

Every 2 hours and 7 minutes a person under the age of 25 dies of suicide. It’s too much. It shouldn’t be, and yet it is.

Have you ever noticed a hurting person only to pass them by? I have.

It’s not because I didn’t care. I was just nervous. I was afraid I would say something awkward or wrong. Maybe I would make things worse. Maybe I would just stand there speechless. At first I called it nervous…now I call it pride.

The anxiety manifesting in me is nothing but pride. I don’t want to look weird, or stupid, so I do nothing! I avoid! And it’s just not right.

Forgive us Lord for the times our own pride renders us unavailable.

If this is you, I want to challenge you today with a simple phrase: SAY SOMETHING! You aren’t going to damage the hurting unless you get preachy, or put them down. Use words that instill hope…or just ask how they are doing and listen! Just knowing you care could be the difference between life and death.

God has given you a well instructed tongue. The power of the Holy Spirit is within you. You can make a difference. Sustain the weary. Say something.



  1. Hilda Quintanilla says

    Goodness! Pastor taught on this last night and how the rate of attempted suicides and achieved ones are sky high! The body of Christ is not exempt either! He exhorted us as well to do that which we as a body have been commissioned to do first and foremost – LOVE!

    Thanks Steph!!! <3

  2. says

    I’m really trying to be more opening to speaking a word to people. It has been hard. I never thought of it as pride, but I think you have a valid point. I’m going to pray some about this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Shawna says

    Both of my sons had friends at school that committed suicide last week, and another teen girl as well. We had 4 suicides in our friend circle in ONE week! So horrible! All 4 people had bubbly personalities and never showed any pain…we wish we saw something so we could help.
    Grieving in New Orleans

    • says

      I could have been one of those bubbly personality statistics but by God’s grace I wasn’t. In fact I remember thinking if I took my life so many people would be shocked because there was not an external indication of the internal battle. What stopped me was realizing how my selfishness was controlling me. Things were hard and I didn’t want to deal with it but the Holy Spirit whispered what pain and destruction it would cause my family. I have a blessed life – the problem wasn’t external or what anyone was doing to me – it was completely an internal war going on within me. Christ’s example of serving is what helped me see how I would be serving my family by not taking my life – it was as if He flashed before me what would happen and revealed the domino effect of pain it would cause and at that moment I choose to put them before myself.

      You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover – some are obvious and others the covers are nothing like what you would expect. I try to keep that in mind with every one I meet whether they have a smile on their face or not because I know what was going on inside me even though I was smiling.

  4. Donna b says

    Thank you!!! That’s what I’ve said for years !!!
    People want to know someone cares … Reach out and say Somethin!!!’!!!!

  5. says

    My brother-in-law committed suicide last year. It breaks my heart to think of how much he must have been hurting. There are so many people around us every day who are hurting. Thanks for the reminder – and the push 🙂 – to not look away or walk past people in their need.

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