keep that light strapped tight to your feet…


Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

I woke up with this verse on my heart. The path my family is walking right now is dark. Quite frankly it’s scary. I just keep waiting for the boogie man to jump out and grab us. But He hasn’t yet. God has kept our peace.

What struck me differently today about this verse is that the lamp is on my feet. The path may be dark and dingy but as long as we are staying in God’s Word He adorns us with all the light we need.

The circumstances may remain stagnant and dangerous. But His Word festooned within our hearts creates light – the wisdom and guidance for the journey.

Like the Israelites we need only be still and He, through the power of His sovreighn voice and Word, will fight for us.

Last night we were surrounded by love. By couples filled with willing hearts in prayer. And it meant the world. Not because the path had changed but because the light was super bright. All of our feet lit up together in a glorious display and His Word. It was powerful. He was present. And I believe in these moments He provided some healing in our home regardless of our path remaining the same.

So strap on your foot lights every day. His Word. Spend time in it so not only do you know where your going, but so you can help light a dark path for others through the power of His great and mighty Word and Name.

He’s the only one who lights the darkest, coldest, deepest, dirtiest path. His Word is clean, fresh, restorative, powerful, and new. And we can choose to trust in Him. He makes our journey safe.


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