Know, love, and give…


Sacrifice is a moon full of reflection. What we are willing to sacrifice reflects on you, reflects on me, and everyone watching with eyes wide open.

The sacrificial gift is never easy to give. Not only is there difficulty during the sacrifice itself, but the journey of getting there stings all the more.

The ruminating thoughts of “what if I didn’t have to do this” or “couldn’t this be done differently” or “why did you pick me for this God”?

I find the most difficult part of sacrificing is not the actual giving of the gift, it’s what must be given up in order to give.

The choices we must make to love others, to value others, beyond ourselves.

Romans 12:1 puts it this way,

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”

We are to live our lives as a sacrifice. The pleasure based center of the human will says this is impossible. That I am to live for me! To make me happy! But in full view of His mercy, we know we must reflect something other than our humanity.

When we choose to sacrifice, we choose to reflect Him. And so we push past the things we want to hold onto.

Will this sacrifice mean giving up time, money, resources? The answer may be yes. Will it require us to even spend time away from home causing our family to sacrifice as well? The answer may be yes.

Sacrifice gets hairy. Dirty. Stinky. For Christ, even bloody. It can be a mess. And it’s knowing this and willingly going anyway that’s the hardest part.

Jesus knew. He knew the pain that would come. He knew what would happen if He didn’t come…and He came.

He knew, and He came, because He also loved. And as love moved Him it can move us. To take steps beyond our humanity and sacrificially give the love that was sacrificed to be ours.

Know…love…and give.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of your sacrifice, and being able to sacrifice a small part for you today.



  1. chris says

    Great post Stephanie! This was very timely for me. Funny how the God of the universe works that out. I stand in awe.

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