Lip service or life service…


“Praise of God in word and deed are inseparable. Lip service must be accompanied by life service.” Unknown

Lip service is nice. I like it. I like to be able to sound all warm and fluffy and not be tested on it. Words speak easy. Actions require a denser dependence.

When a sister is called to act, she is forced to trust. To go beyond what is natural. To surrender. And ultimately to choose sacrifice.

Sacrifice is not a choice I am capable of on my own. I don’t come by it naturally. My fleshy will fights me every step of the way. And I’m tempted to forget….

To “forget” what God asked me to do.

To “forget” the homeless man on the corner.

And even to “forget” to read the Bible at times with my children so I can get in bed a few minutes earlier.

I tend to forget a lot. And I imagine that’s why The Lord warns us so specifically…

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

The Lord called me to a sacrifice today that I wanted to “forget”. I wanted Him to mention something else…something easier to sacrifice. It’s Saturday after all. This was not how I had planned my Saturday, but He helped me obey.

I’m not going to say a miracle happened because I was obedient. God didn’t reach down out of the sky and place a crown on my head and a million dollars in my hand. But I did feel good. I felt obedient. And that feels good. And with such sacrifices, the Bible tells me He is pleased. And to know we have the ability to turn up the corners of the Lord’s mouth makes me giddy. And maybe I even turned up the mouths of a few others. And so I know that, yes, sacrifice is worth it.




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