Love them anyways…


I came home late tonight from working over 12 hours, and frankly, I’m exhausted. The last thing I want to do is sit down and write, but when God puts something on my heart I can rarely sleep until I put it on paper. And so here I am, tired, but with a message to share.

It’s been a weird day packed with variety.  I even did some public speaking today – and I only had to anxiously poop one time – which is progress people – PROGRESS! But at the end of the day, one single thing that mattered most. I walked in the back door at 10 pm to find my amazing adorable daughter halfway asleep, but out of bed to tell me she missed me and show me what she made at art lessons.

Hands down, best part of the day.

And it was a struggle with her this morning. I was frustrated. There were lots of tears and anguish over what she would wear and how it would feel against her skin. I wasn’t happy. All I could imagine were future visions of her choosing to live on a deserted island where they don’t require bras – or clothing of any kind for that matter.

Throughout my day I found myself drifting in and out of worry over her…

Will she be able to function as an adult? Will she choose a job where clothing is optional – because those are NOT GOOD jobs to have! And all joking aside, will she enjoy her life? Because that’s all any of us really want for our kids – for them to be healthy and happy – and know Jesus. We just want to the best for them.

And I worry and worry and worry….but at the end of the day…she is happy…and it’s me who freaked out.

She doesn’t care if she goes to school matching or not. And no one else really cares either. And if they do – well they need to find something else to be concerned about. Lauren is Lauren. She knows she doesn’t like the way certain clothes feel – and if it means not matching so that she can feel okay throughout her school day and not be bothered by elastic or itchiness – then she is good with that. And I can be good with that too.

The moral of all this is one thing.

Kids are weird sometimes – love them anyways.

They do crazy things – love them anyways.

Sometimes the make really awful decisions – and they really need us to love them anyways.

At times they make us want to rip our hair out. Go bald, and love them anyways.

Let them be who they are – even when you don’t understand – and love them anyways.

Because bottom line is, God loved us anyways. Even in the midst of our most crazy moments. He loves us anyways. Always – and anyways. And that will never change.

God, it’s a simple prayer, but please help us to be good parents to our kids. Help us to love them anyways, because you first loved us. Help us to be a living breathing example of what love is. And when we mess it up…thank you for loving us anyways.



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    Oh, my I needed this. Thank you Stephanie for typing it out even when you were exhausted. Sometimes, I get myself stressed out because of my thoughts instead of just letting them be miss/matched, hair messed up, whatever it is. I used to think it was a reflection of my parenting skills and it isn’t about me. Oh, seriously you have my mind moving this morning. A good thing 🙂

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