My rant for the day…

I’ve had trouble writing lately. Not really sure why. But I think it has something to do with this…

America, the country I love, just doesn’t seem the same as the America I grew up in. The America I grew up in WAS a Christian nation. We operated under Christian values, we respected each other, and there wasn’t this fear that if you prayed with someone or shared the love of God that you might get in trouble. Certainly there were many who didn’t believe, but it was different then than it is now.

I look around and my heart truly aches. Suicide and depression are on the rise. Child abuse. Multiple and late term abortions. Sickening acts of murder and human destruction. Life seems to have lost it’s sacred value somewhere along the way. Animal rights are often held dearer than the rights of human beings. And I can’t help but be grieving over it all.

Now I don’t want to be all gloom and doom, because there is a lot of good in our world too. And if we focused on the negative events all the time and truly felt the burden of them all, we wouldn’t be able to function. But what I find surprising and appalling is the fact that many Christians are choosing to say absolutely nothing. We go about our daily lives as if the world is not in turmoil and as if Christians aren’t being persecuted and literally beheaded right before our eyes. I wonder what it will take before we stand up and say enough already?

And I’m certainly not one to talk because if I were to stand up and say “enough” I don’t even know what that would look like. Maybe the first step is writing this blog post because I’m just having a hard time writing about how Christians can handle stress better, or feel happier, or sail through their days with more confidence. I know this stuff needs to be written about to encourage, empower, and even grow the Kingdom, but I just can’t put my focus into writing anything other than an outcry for us to do whatever we can to help ease the suffering of Christians and Jews all around us! It’s truly heartbreaking!

So there you have it. My rant. And it doesn’t do any good to rant unless you follow it up with taking action. Without action things can and will never change. So what are your thoughts? What actions are you taking as you see the world suffering around you? Maybe we can come up with some good ideas.


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