Out of demands hands…

isaiah 64“Father God I am clay in your hands…help me to stay that way through all life’s demands…” ~Toby Mac Lose My Soul

I’ve heard this song hundreds of times, but for some reason the lyrics struck me…

Lord, am I clay in your hands?

Or am I allowing the demands of life ~ circumstances and life experiences ~ to shape who I am and what I will become.

My work demands…

My family demands…

Society demands…

Not to mention the demands I put upon myself…the blind expectations I never notice until I  shame myself for not meeting them.

But how do we live as clay when everything around us constantly dictates a mold?

The perfect wife. The perfect mom. The perfect boss. The perfect worker. The perfect Bible study leader. The perfect participant. The hands of demands are infinite.

They squeeze and mold us, push and pull us, in a thousand different directions. Maybe that’s the beauty of the clay and the potter.

We can rest in the Lord’s hands, knowing He would rather mold us into His majesty than force us into expectations we will never live up to.

In my work, my home, my everything, I want to step out of the hands of demands and into the hands of the potter. In those hands there are no expectations and I know all movements are driven by love of a potter who wants nothing but the best for me. Such beautiful hands …completely void of any and all demands.


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