Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

As I sit here sipping warm milk in my jammies, things couldn’t be better. Sure it’s been a stressful day. I just now got my workout in. The house is a mess and things are in disarray, but none of that matters in this moment. Because right now I am making the choice to sit down in my warm home, on my cozy couch, and relax.

Pajamas. They don’t seem like much. They aren’t going to solve the worlds problems…and neither am I. But tonight, on my heart, are pajamas.

Specifically pajamas the homeless women I work with do without. Even if they had a few extra dollars, they couldn’t buy pajamas, because they have to many other things requiring their precious, often minuscule, income. How often do we put them on without even realizing pajamas are a privilege!

So…I’m looking to start a ministry. Doing what you ask? Collecting pajamas, not for homeless kids, though they desperately need them too, but for homeless women living in shelters. Women who usually arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Pajamas aren’t going to solve their problems. But pajamas that are prayed over, and handed to a woman in the name of Jesus, just might point her in the right direction…

So I’m trying to figure it out…how to do this whole non profit/ministry thing…and do it the right way. Will you join me in prayer as I choose to believe God is going to go big with this dream He has given me?

It’s simple. It’s pajamas. For women who might have lost everything else that brings them comfort…but just maybe a small love offering might lead her to the hands of the Savior.



  1. Gayle Huff says

    I like it, especially the prayed over part, PJs are the perfect connection point. We can pray as we purchase or make them, pray as they are given & pray each time we put on our own pajamas. Pray comfort for those who have received them, those who haven’t & for those who don’t have the gift of a comfy couch or bed to rest on & someone to snuggle with. Amen precious one. I’m in.

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