Please pray for the Milsow family…

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. Job 23:10

Spaces inside of us that make a little “eeeeek” when they are touched. The things people say that they did not mean offensive, but split open old wounds. We all have them. The places we thought we had healed from. And perhaps we have. Healing doesn’t negate the emotional damage or sever off an old wound, it simply teaches us how to cope…how to thrive…how to move forward despite the bumps and bruises of life.

I have been thinking lately about Job. About how he was a good man. About the things that happened to him. Why bad things happen to good people…

Job had to have hurt places. Places of emotional vulnerability. What he went through seems so unfair…

But fairness flies out the window when hurt comes knocking at the door. It does not discriminate and move past the “good” people. And according to God’s perfection, who of us can be can be counted “good” minus grace anyways? Anything good inside of us comes birthed from our relationship with the Lord. His presence in us IS our good.

Ryan’s teacher this year is such a good person. So good that I know her relationship with the Lord is strong. He is written all over her face, her smile, her actions…she is truly a display of his splendor. And yet the cancer came knocking. I could go on and on about how it seems unfair. It IS in fact unfair in my eyes. But beyond that issue lies grace.

There is enough grace for Darcie. There is enough grace for her family. And there is enough grace for her friends…her students…everyone her life touches. She displays that grace in particularly for my son. Sharing his first day with me. Emailing me to reassure me that he is okay. Loving him even when I know she has no energy left to give. She is God’s grace to my child. And I wish I could do so many things for her. But perhaps the most I can do…even though flesh tells me it is insignificant…is to pray for her. And to ask you to pray.

Here is a link to her Caring Bridge Website. I hope you will stop by because her picture will shine a little Jesus on you today, and we can all use some more Jesus. I hope that even though reading through her story may touch a few places of emotional vulnerability, you will go to Jesus with these wounds and seek even further healing on your own behalf.

And I hope you will consider donating to this family. Healthcare is expensive. Children are expensive. It’s Christmas time. I want to bless this sweet family’s socks off, just as they have blessed our family and so many other families.

And finally, thank you. I am so thankful for each and every person that finds themselves on the pages of this blog. God is so faithful, and it is my prayer that you will find Him here when you take the time to stop by. Each and every one of you are a blessing to me this year…and I pray that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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