Saddle your donkey…God will provide…

So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” Genesis 22:14

I’ve always been fascinated by Gods provision. I’m learning to trust that He will provide. But it has not come easy. As hard as I’ve fought to embrace God’s provision, Satan has fought to convince me that God is not enough. I’m constantly debating with myself – if I choose obedience, will God show up? Will His grace be enough?

Obedience is hardly ever easy. What He asks us to do may look weird. I think about the story of Abraham and how God asked Him to sacrifice
his son. What could be weirder than that? But Abraham did not question. The Bible says he got up the next morning and saddled his donkey. He didn’t consult others or wait months for confirmation.

God spoke. He acted.

I’m not saying in every situation we are called to immediate action. His Word tells us to seek godly, wise counsel. But in this particular circumstance, Abraham knew God was speaking to Him, and he acted without question.

I wonder how he could be so bold?

It wasn’t just any command! It was the sacrifice of his beloved son! But Abraham believed God would provide. He trusted Gods provision beyond the shadows of his doubt. God’s provision would be enough.

And it was.

God provided.

Abraham raised His hand ready to plunge down, and God stopped him. He trusted God up to the end. Perhaps he thought God would raise his son from the dead. Perhaps he had no idea. It didn’t matter…he trusted God and that was enough.

The mountain on which these things happened was named “The Lord Will Provide”. Jehovah Jirah – God who provides.

Maybe you are on your way up the mountain. You saddled your donkey. You are ready to go, but God seems absent.

Will He still provide?

Obedience up to the blind last minute is faith – trust untainted by our views of the world. It requires a divine intervention of blessed assurance and action unmoved by our own fleshy doubts. This kind of faith says even if I don’t see you, even if it turns out bad – it’s still Your provision, and I trust it all the same.

So my donkey is saddled…he’s ready to go. The mountain terrain looks bleak, but I know somewhere up there I’ll find the Son. And His grace will provide.



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      Oh girl I hear you. Sometimes discerning Gods voice can be difficult. Maybe when this happens you can look to His Word. What a gift it is, and it’s always available for confirmation, teaching, and instruction! Hugs to you girl!

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