Temptation can have purpose…

romans 8  8

Sometimes it’s easier to start something than stop something.

Working out five days a week is do-able. I like to exercise and the only thing I really miss out on is a few minutes of extra sleep or time watching TV. I like the good feeling exercise gives me, so when it comes to healthy habits, a good work out is my friend.

However, diet is a different story. I like what I eat. I like sweets, carbs, and Mexican food. So telling me to stop feels like a serious infringement on my freedom. Sugar, for me, resembles the apple for Eve. I know it’s bad for me, hence I want it all the more.

I have cursed this love of sugar. I have called it everything but lovely. And I must admit somewhere deeply hidden in my heart was anger at God for creating me in a way that thinks I need all things bread and sugar.

I must admit that when I began the Made to Crave Online Bible Study it was more out of obligation. I am on the Online Bible Study leadership team, so I should do the study, right? I decided I would step up my workouts, re-read the book, and even answer the study questions, but I wasn’t even going to worry about the food. I resigned myself to the thought that this is a hopeless battle.

And because I am doing two Bible studies at one time, I am also studying Wendy Blight’s new book “Living So That”.

I didn’t expect much correlation between the two studies, but it seems God had other plans. When I read this out of Wendy’s study, it shook me to the core…

God didn’t give us the law to set us up for failure; rather, He gave us the law to protect us from failure. God’s standards would exist whether or not we ever knew about them. But in His mercy God informed us of His law and has shown us the only way to fulfill it—through faith in Jesus Christ. ~ Wendy Blight, Living So That

Could it be that God didn’t set me up for failure by allowing me to overindulge in and develop a love relationship with all things sugar? Maybe, just maybe, He knew this relationship, although idolatrous and sinful, would eventually be the catalyst for an even deeper relationship with Him.

I guess I viewed sin, all sin, as screw ups that just happened. I didn’t really understand why we had to struggle with sin. I heard people say, and have even said myself, that sin could push us closer to God – but honestly I thought of it as a bunch of Christian-ease trying to explain away our struggles and battles with evil.

But reading the verses from Wendy’s study and her words changed things for me.

God really is sovereign.

He really does have a plan.

A plan that is so much more than a rescue effort to pull us out of hell and into heaven. It’s a plan that involves allowing sin at times because if it wasn’t for sin in the world how else would we have the motivation to seek a relationship with Him? Not a robotic forced relationship, but a real – chosen – relationship.

I don’t have to resent my love for sugar allowing it to put distance between me and Jesus.

Instead I can choose to move deeper into my unhealthy relationship with sweets or closer into a relationship with Jesus. And although a relationship with the chocolate cupcake in my kitchen may be enticing, Jesus offers so much more.

I can choose Him.

I can STOP doing things that push me away from Him.

Not because He is my back up plan, but because with Him temptations can have purpose. Purpose that propels my heart and mind in His direction. And that is reason enough for me to choose to TRY and make a change.



  1. wendyblight says

    Stephanie, don’t you just LOVE how God works? He knew what you would need at this time and provided it! And it so sweet for me to see God use what He taught me to speak into your life and teach you the same concept in a way that is personal to you!! Can’t wait to hear more as you work through the book!!

    Love you, friend. And so thankful to hear Ryan is feeling better.



  2. Diana Rockwell says

    I love this blog. I preordered wendy’s book. I read her other book. Thinking that temptations have a purpose. Wow. Blessings diana

  3. says

    Love this. I can really relate. Working out isn’t my issue. It’s truly the sugar and my constant need to turn to it to fill my voids. Glad I get to do this journey with other women who have my struggles. May God bless us on this journey.

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