The double H hopeless/helpless combo…


Hopeless and Helpless. Two words that breed fear and insecurity. Who wants to keep going when it seems like nothing will ever get better? It’s the language of pessimism and when we get right down to it – the language of lies.

Where in the Bible does it say God will fail you over and over again? Where does it say there is no purpose for this and you might as well just cash in your chips? Where does it say life sucks and then you die? Nowhere that I can find…but hopelessness and helplessness…well they will speak that over you everyday.

And so you are discouraged. You wanted answers and improvement a long time ago. Maybe there have been some answers and some improvements…but the double H combo will never tell you that. It will tell you no matter how hard you fight – things will either get worse, or at best, stay the same.

You may not like today. You may not like tomorrow. You may wish over and over again that things were different. But you have a choice. Will you leave your feet planted firmly in the hopeless/helpless shit pile riddled with vacuum sucking happiness devourers, or get out?

Isaiah 30:49 says, “He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” Hopelessness and helplessness don’t have much room in the presence of that.

Where you are rooted – you grow. Where you stand – you plant. Where you dwell – you live. Double H combo crap pile – or the truth. We choose one or the other – every single day.

The H combo says you can’t, but God knows you can. You were made for this. As painful and weird as it may be, it’s your cup of tea. Take it sip by sip, and practice joy while drinking it. You got this sister. Hard things are His speciality, and He won’t fail you now. Lean hard on and in, loosen your grip on the double H, and let Him set you free. He’s got this.

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  1. Christine says

    Thank you for writing this. Lately I have been feeling hopeless and helpless. Yesterday I faced another rejection for employment and I wonder if I’m worth hiring. For years I’ve also been trying to use my artistic/creative gifts, but nothing has happened yet. It’s been very discouraging and it’s hard to know why I was put here on earth.

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