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“Jesus has been found worthy of greater honor than Moses, just as the builder of a house has greater honor than the house itself. For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything” Hebrews 3:3-4

I am cold this morning. Chilled to the bone. Afraid of what will become of me and what will become of my children. It’s not always easy being a mom. Sometimes circumstances get the best of us and we feel overwhelmed at the weight and encouraging responsibility of it all.

Sometimes we feel the need to turn to the Son as last resort. In desperate pleading of our cause.

Lord please help me to move past unbelief. I cannot see what is in front of me, but I’m trusting you for the difference. The spaces I can’t see will be filled by you and the things I don’t understand can be unbound in your presence.

And so I sit undone at the foot of the cross. Anxiously awaiting my time and explanations. To understand it all that I may move forward. Stuck in a landing of pride and arrogance still touching and holding onto this will of myself undone and unbound.

And the liberties of this life are far from freedom. The healer can take us where we need to go but before we receive the healing we must first be willing to cross the Red Sea.

And not by my might, but yours Lord, will the waters part. And yet I must be willing to slam my staff down with confidence into the ground before me. And ask for what only is my row to hoe. My garden to toil in. My sea to cross.

And the staff slams down, the waters part, and here is where the real toiling begins.

To part the waters is one thing. An act of confidence and trust in The Lord. To walk past the impending waves into freedom is quite another. And sometimes we get to the other side only to realize freedom has not yet been found. We have more wandering to do. Wandering with provision. But wandering none the less.

And so The Lord gives and takes away. He provides healing in the midst of bondage and freedom where no ending seems possible. His hands are torn from a battle hard fought but easily won.

The victory that is His can too be ours if we are willing to seek the healer beyond the healing. Even if he doesn’t heal us in the ways we might have thought about or imagined, we seek Him above all else. Even in the shame of what can feel like a prayer unanswered by unsystematic grace.

His love is pressure cooked and exploding with enough for me. Even if I don’t understand all the pain or circumstances. Neither did Moses. But Jesus does. And I will choose to seek the art if the healer beyond and above the healing.

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    Stephanie, this is beautiful!! So important what you said, “sometimes we get to the other side only to realize freedom has not yet been found.” But when we seek the Healer and not the healing, this is a safe place to be. We know that He is there with us and will bring us through stronger and more trusting because He is faithful and never changes. He was faithful to Abraham, to Moses, to Joseph, and so many others. We can trust Him!! Thank you for this powerful post written today.

    Love you,


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    Stephanie, l loved the conference call on Monday evening. It really hit a cord with me. I am trying to figure out why I have had night mares. I have had them since I was growing up. Are the genetic? I did go to the doctor for this especially since this happens around that time of the month. She said that this was normal. I want to know if this is normal and how do I get rid of them. I have tried to get a different routine for bed, but it does not seem like it is helping. Got any suggestions for me? Thanks again for posting. blessings,Jeanie

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