trust as floppy spaghetti…



There’s this relaxation thing I teach kids. It’s called the floppy spaghetti. Basically it’s learning to let the tension out of your body and relax with the goal of easing anxiety.

This morning as I spent time meditating on Psalm 37:4. The Holy Spirit brought floppy spaghetti to mind. I know what your thinking…deep scripture meditation and floppy spaghetti? But God speaks to me in ways I can understand and this totally made sense to me. 

Psalm 37:4 makes me think of trusting in the Lord. But have you ever really thought about what trust looks like? Is it a thought? An emotion? An act? And where does it come from? The mind? The body? The heart?

Thus the floppy spaghetti…

As I began to pray a breath prayer mindful of the word trust my body began to let down. The anxiety literally melted off and I was the floppy noodle in His hands.

Trust is an act of the will combined with a completely vulnerable physical, mental, and emotional state. And it’s not always an easy place to get or go.

Trust is a mind, body, spirit, and Holy Spirit state that affords malleability into the center of His utmost and highest will. It disregards our selfish desires and bends us into to the rhythms of His over and out flowing grace.

He finds the deepest places of our hearts and minds and commands them be still. This place of righteous Holy sanctification and forgiveness melts us…absolutely melts us…to a place where the second half of Psalm 37:4 begins.

The desires of our hearts.

As the noodles of our humanity soften, our desires become more and more like His. Our heart beats in tandem with the Spirit, and grace shapes and molds each desire into who we truly are: sons and daughters of the most high King. In this place our depraved humanity takes a long and much needed rest. 

Floppy spaghetti. May we carry this state throughout our day. The trust state of love-bent-vulnerability where each desire shapes itself further and deeper into Him.


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