we seek God’s peace, but do we accept it as enough..

IMG_20150813_162705So there’s this whole peace seeking thing that I do. I’m pretty good at it. I have some effective coping skills. Things like going to the gym, walking my dog, listening to music, reading my Bible, soaking myself in counseling research (weird that I like doing this – but whatever), and praying. All good things.

But what about the times I run myself through the list of adaptive stress management skills and I still feel like my brain has kicked into full throttle anxiety mode? What do I do then?

Here’s the thing about seeking peace…we can seek it all day long, but unless we accept it as enough, we remain distraught.

I can read scripture, I can pray, I can blast worship music on my iPod while I work out – but unless I let it come in and change my heart and mind – what’s the point?

Because a lot of us are good at seeking Jesus. We are good at begging God to intervene and feeling frustrated when we don’t see Him act. But few of us are skilled at accepting His peace as enough.

Because we want more. We want change. We want an intervention. Be it a change of circumstances, vision and understanding of the future, or even just a break from emotional turmoil – we want results. And sometimes we get them. But for me, my life rarely transforms quickly.

Because He’s not a magician, a genie, or the Easter bunny.

He’s God.

And He’s not in the business of responding to my every desire and command. He’s in the business of transforming my heart. And part of that transformation is the concious decision to say, “God I am seeking your peace, and even though I may not feel it – or understand – I choose to accept You as enough.”

Luke 1:45 says , “Blessed is she who believed The Lord would fulfill His promises to her.”

Dang right she is blessed! Because if a certain she, being me and/or you, would believe the promises of His Word are true – that He always has our best interest in mind, that a bruised reed He will not break, and that He is always enough – our hearts and minds would look different.

What if we stopped bending over backwards seeking peace and rather sought it a little – but accepted a lot?

Because His peace is enough. Always has been. Always will be. But only you can make the choice to breathe it in.



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