When He unearths a dream and brings you back to life…


I want to be a writer and start a Christian counseling private practice. There, I said it. I keep waiting on God to blow the top off that dream, but it hasn’t happened yet. And I bet you have one too. A pet dream you keep waiting for God to bring into the light. You haven’t given up, but waiting gets awful at times.

But today, I was reminded of something. It seems while my eyes were focused on one dream, God has been busy blowing the top off of another.

It was a dream I held low and slow because I wasn’t certain it could happen. I have wondered, is He powerful enough, is He good enough to make this happen?

We have these dreams too. The ones we hesitate to ask God about. Maybe because they seem impossible.

Pipe dreams.

I had to look up the definition of pipe dream. I’ve heard it used, but didn’t know what it meant. The definition I found was that of a dream induced while smoking opium. Now I assure I haven’t been smoking anything, but I have had “pipe dreams”. Dreams that are such fantasy I seldom even pray about them. Dreams I am certain God could never be about fulfilling. One of such dreams is healing my son.

Now in so many ways I know he doesn’t need healing. He is who he is, awesome, because of the way his mind works. But most parents of a special needs child admit they would do anything for their child not to endure the hardships they face. There is beauty in trials, but if I could take them away from him, I would in a heartbeat. But the dreams I have for my son are pipe dreams at best…right?

Today I’m not so certain. It seems while I was busy focusing on other dreams, God has been busy blowing this buried dream out from under the dirt. Did He heal Ryan’s mind in a way that he thinks like any other child would think? No. And I wouldn’t want him to. Will Ryan continue to struggle? Yes. But today by showing me that Ryan can succeed at things I never thought were possible, like passing a state administered exam, well that’s enough to spark a fire under me. A spark to pray for more. To ask for more. To forget the term pipe dream and replace it with prayers and expectations for miracles from my miraculous God. The One who makes something’s out of nothing’s. The One who blows the top off dreams I forgot I had and teaches me to place others to the side until the timing is right.

And what about you? Have you looked around? Or are you busy focusing on a dream you want fulfilled so bad that you miss the dream He is fulfilling right in front of you? He blows the top off our dreams in ways we never expected. In timing we never expected. And in all dreams where He is glorified above all, He will far exceed our highest expectations.


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