When you want to run away from home…


Sometimes the world gets to spinning so fast it seems there is no way to make it stop. Soccer practice, ballet class, dinner preparations, work, bellowing babies, a needy husband, and just when will there be time for me? And oh yeah, I’m supposed to spend time with you Lord. Just how do you expect me to do that?

There are no easy answers to living real life. Maybe because real life isn’t a question to be answered or a puzzle to be solved, but rather a life to be lived. We can get so wrapped up in looking for answers to our questions and finding reasons to justify our circumstances that we miss the very lesson The Lord would teach us in the midst of it all.

I remember feeling highly overwhelmed by my home life. My husband and I were fighting. My oldest child was struggling in school while my younger child was in a screaming tantrum phase. I thought, “This must be my new normal.” And I was terrified.

I began to feel like I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to escape from home. I did anything I could to get out of the house because in the house I felt ineffective and awkward. At least at work I could get things done and I knew what to do. At home I felt like a lost wandering puppy and I just wanted to hide in a corner blanket and whine.

I remember my counselor during this time telling me to control what I could and let go of the rest. A truth I still live by today. I could control the words I spoke in my home. I could control my attitude. I could do everything within my power to make our home a safe and inviting place. And the rest was up to God.

I began to feel empowered as I realized I wasn’t a helpless victim of family dynamics. As a mother, God had given me the power of influence. My words could be used to build others up. I had the power to hug and snuggle my children even while they were upset and hurting. I didn’t have the power to heal their hurt and circumstances, but I could love them in the midst.

I also realized it was within my control to spend time with The Lord. If my schedule was screaming, all the more I needed His Word to scream louder. I began getting up before anyone else in the house woke up. It was a sacrifice, but well worth it. As I began my day with God’s Word, He prepared me to face the challenges that would come my way.

Regaining this sense of empowerment helped me learn to enjoy my family again. I began choosing to love them rather than run from them. I didn’t have to fix them, that’s not my job. My job was to love them no matter what. A selfless act. And spending time in God’s Word taught me how and strengthened me to love them well.

Are family dynamics and life in general overwhelming you today? I encourage you to sit down and take a good look at what God has placed within your power and what is not. Even simple things within your power used for the glory of The Lord over time will make a huge difference.



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    Thanks Stephanie! Inspiration for Today! I really needed that this morning. Life can become so overwhelming at times, it’s great to know your not alone. Wisdom from experience is best! God bless you!

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    Thanks Stephanie for this wonderful inspiration. It just goes to show how much we need God in the midst of our lives and not to have him looking in, but being there.

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    thank you for your post. it was very timely. I am no longer a mother of young children, but a grandmother, and retired. However, I too, find days when I feel overwhelmed, even on the days when I am not babysitting for my youngest grand-baby while my daughter goes to school. The weekends are basically free for me, but then that’s the days I need to catch up on my housework, and still have my retired husband underfoot. 🙂 if you know what that’s like…. lol

    anyway, your post helped me to put things into perspective and I thank you for that!

    God bless.

  4. Latosha says

    Stephanie, thank you for sharing your words. Eventhough my husband and I have a son in college now I am finding out that all along that being called to a wife and mother was ministry. I don’t know of anyone in the Body of Christ, whether they are called to a platform ministry, teacher, greeter, counselor that God honors the ministry of wife and motherhood as well. I consider it a high calling because as mother’s we are the ones who are a conduit to our children to help shape and mold them into the people God has planned for them. It is not always easy, matter of fact it can be challenging going through the day to day mundane and trying to balance or even blend everything together. It is through God’s grace that I can do all these things and now it’s just my husband and myself, I have come to really enjoy my time even more and most of all embracing the assignment that God has entrusted me to do. You words truly blessed me and I got so much out of it. Blessings!

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