where you came from is not where you have been…


“You aren’t ever going back there. I don’t care how low you sink. It’s a physical impossibility.”

~ words spoken straight to my soul by a sweet friend

I know you feel lost and alone. At times it hurts way too deep. You wonder what you can do to feel better or how to make it through today…much less tomorrow. You feel tired, overwhelmed, and wonder how to keep doing this thing that you do. Everything in you wants to fight, but the energy is waning, and the water seems so deep.

It hurts. But you will not drown.

And I get it. You have a story. We all do. But where you have come from is not where you have been. Where you have come from may be poverty, loss, abandonment, grief, abuse, neglect, hate, and really tough tremendous pain.

But look at where you have been…

You can’t go back to the past. It’s a physical impossibility. But where you have been will never leave you. Where you have been is transformed. Where you have been is saved. Where you have been is redeemed. Where you have been is made new. 

So that deep dark space that you remember so vividly, the moment the world stopped spinning and you don’t know how you took the next breath…it’s over. It lives in the past. There will be new moments. Circumstances that leave you ruptured on the floor. But you are not who you were. And you will get through this.

Lift your head sweet friend. There is no you that you should be. You are exactly who God says you are. You are who He always wanted you to be. Nothing you do can make him love you more and nothing you do, or have done, can make him love you less. He loves you with the fullness of perfect love right now and always. Love never fails.



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